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Default 4e Psionics for GURPS Horseclans

So I am started work on a GURPS Horseclans adventure for a convention, that I want to run using 4e rules. An issue I am running into is how best to convert the psionics in GURPS Horseclans to new 4e psionic rules.

Has anyone already worked on a conversion, that they would be willing to share?

My plan is to set the adventure in the “Sea of Grass” period. Besides various Kindred, there will be mind speaking prairiecats, horses, and maybe a Blackfoot.

Capturing the low powered horses, mid-powered Kindred, and high powered prairiecats is part of the challenge.

I appreciate any help folks can provide.

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Default Re: 4e Psionics for GURPS Horseclans

I wouldn't try to do a conversion as such, but rather take GURPS Psionic Powers , and just run with that, disallowing any abilities or powers that are not fitting to the Horseclans setting.

I don't recall offhand if there are any abilities in the Horseclans that have no similar ability offered in the GURPS Psionic Powers, but adding those to the GURPS Psionic Powers framework is way less of an effort as compared to creating the whole GURPS Psionic 3e in 4e.
AotA is of course IMHO, YMMV.
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Default Re: 4e Psionics for GURPS Horseclans

No conversion that I know of, but it seems easy to do a quick and dirty 4E conversion for psi and non-human characters.

I dug out my copy of Horseclans and it looks easy to convert supernatural traits to GURPS 4E.

As a rough guess:

Encompassing One

Blessed = Blessed

Divination = Oracle


Telepathy = Telecommunication (Telepathy, possibly with Send Only or Recieve Only, or Racial, Nuisance Effect: Contest of IQ or Detect Lies required to lie telepathically)

The Shout = Affliction (Stun, Area Effect or Cone, Selective Area, Psionic).

Mind Shield = Mind Shield

Telereceive = Telecommunications (Telepathy, Receive Only, Psionic) + Mind Reading + Mind Probe.

Mind Melding = Technique (H) or Perk.

Mindwipe = Affliction (Amnesia or reduced IQ, Permanent, Takes Extra Time, Psionic, Nuisance Effect: Can be detected with successful Mind Probe and QC).

Illusion = Create (Illusions, Costs FP, Telepathic), Mind Control (Accessibility (Limited to implanting illusions), Costs FP, Telepathic, or Complex Illusion spell.

Healing = Healing (Psychic Healing)

Recognition = Clairsentience, Danger Sense, or Precognition

Mind-Transfer = Possession (Telecontrol, Malediction, Nuisance Effect (Can't be under effects of drugs or alcohol, might have difficulty leaving possessed animal body), Limited Uses (once per day), Costs 3 FP, Accessibility (Weakened when attempting to possess animals).

You can require Hard skills to use all these powers (with the Based on Alternate Attribute enhancement) or just base powers on IQ.

The special modifiers for each of the GURPS 2E powers can be retained since they don't alter power use too much and are setting-specific.

If you've got them, take a look at GURPS Powers, GURPS Psionics, or the Dungeon Fantasy 14: Psi. The will have sample powers very close to what you're looking for.
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horseclans, prairiecats, psionics

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