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Default Re: Member House Rules

I'll be playing with a group where I used to live, and as we rarely see each other all together anymore I imagine it'll be an all-decks in, epic monster of a game. I'm just planning ideas ahead of time.

Originally Posted by LordArach View Post
You don't have the Ultra Munchkin or 1/3 Breed cards then?
I do, as well as Master/Dark/High. They all exacerbate the problem in some ways. Having a vampire master cleric with a british accent, a different loyalty, a fighting style and tons of powers a) makes remembering what epic abilities you/others have that can be used difficult, b) slows everything down & c) can lead to imbalance.

I'd like to leave 1/3 breed, high, etc. in for fun, but I think it'll need to be tempered with some kind of limits. What I'm not sure of is this: Should we reclassify everything as a class or a race for the purpose of 1/2 breeds etc., or just have a limit on these types of cards. I think calling accents & loyalties races, while fighting styles might be classes could work, but I'm unsure.

Originally Posted by Brugist View Post
When we play to epic, you can only get levels from one monster per combat. So even if you get overpowered enough to beat the Sparkly Good Fairy, plus Great Cthulhu, plus Cowthulhu, etc, you'd only get the 2 levels off one of the cards. That way, no one can get 6-7 levels in one go. (Or if you fought a monster who rewarded one level and one who rewarded two, you would choose the two levels of course). You can play as many GUALS and such as you have, but we find this makes the games a lot fairer.
This is an interesting idea. I might amend it to something like "You can gain a maximum of 2 levels from kills in any one combat".
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