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Default Re: Exotic Governmental/Legal Systems

Nr. 4 is the way Malaysia handles it.
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Default Re: Exotic Governmental/Legal Systems

Originally Posted by Johnny1A.2 View Post
Imagine a tight federation like the USA, which we'll use as an example. Imagine if, instead of being either directly elected or chosen by the Electoral College, the U.S. President was one of the State Governors, who are elected conventionally in their States. This official continues as Governor, he is simultaneously U.S. President and Governor of State of X.
The key problem with this is the one it shares with all schemes in which one person holds multiple offices - either one or both offices need to be substantially less than full time, or one of them gets shorted. It works fine for a ceremonial presidency, but for something like the US where governors and presidents are working executives who are already so overloaded they have to entrust decisions they probably should be involved in to their staffs already, it's probably not a great idea.
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Default Re: Exotic Governmental/Legal Systems

We could try rotating which polity supplies the governor. Though that could make for some interestingly cyclical politics.

Some nations have been formed of a union between various states, but a single large and important one dominates its politics: you could use that for the single governor model. Examples include England, Holland, and Bohemia.

That can start looking like an empire situation though, with the core polity controlling the others.
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Default Re: Exotic Governmental/Legal Systems

Governor whose state did best by some criteria becomes President for the next term. So they don't hold both offices at the same time but you usually know a year or so ahead of time who will be the next President.
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Default Re: Exotic Governmental/Legal Systems

I haven't read through the whole backlog, but here's some:

This Pleothcracy has limited local taxes, but each vote costs a fixed $10. Votes for any and all races are tabulated by the total amount of cash raised. There is no limit to the number of votes cast, nor by whom, making this place profoundly ruled by the rich, a fact accepted as the nature of society by its citizens.

In contrast, a Drachmacracy grants each citizen a vote token in each election; vote tokens are fully transferable, and usually sold or offered to someone who takes it to a third or even fourth or fifth party. This can be done commercially, but it's also frequently performed by grassroots campaigns. On or before the election itself, the tokenholders fill out a given ballot once, with the weight of that ballot multiplied by the number of tokens cashed. A token's value changes in every election, but often can be sold for $50. Of note is that far more of the government's work is performed through popular elections, with tokenholders essentially being very temporary legislators.

A strange kind of federated nation exists wherin the federal level controls the military, foreign policy, and a few other important elements, but all internal affairs are controlled by one of any number of internal substates. The substates are made up of individual counties and districts, and these subunits may change the substate they subscribe to with a simple popular vote. Urban regions generally fall into one of six wealthy substates, while rural regions are united behind 32 reactionary regional substates.

There is a complicated Instant Runoff Approval Democracy wherin voters place their favored candidates in order of approval in one box, and their disliked candidates in order of disapproval in another. The most net-disliked candidates are removed and votes recalculated one by one until the most-liked candidate is selected. Election is performed over the course of a month, with a small tax credit applied for citizens who vote within the first two weeks.

Finally, a Centocracy. Each voter is given 100 votes for each ballot. The ballot may contain no more than 20 entries (an additional 100 votes are given for each further page, exclusively). Voters may place their votes in any combination or order. For instance, they could vote for one candidate 100 times and ignore the rest of the ballot, or scatter the votes in different amounts for everything on the page.

Bonus: A Septarchy wherin seven executives lead the country equally; they are equal co-rulers, and in the case of conflict simple majority rules. Each one serves for 14 years, with an election held every other year. Each Septarch has a small train of secretaries who step forward to fill the Septarch's duties in the case of death or disability, and in ordinary conditions file executive actions in their specific fields (Foreign Affairs, Executive Defense, Justice, Services, Intelligence, and a few other divisions). Also worth noting is that there is not one military branch, but three; the legislature (a complicated parliamentary thing) has a fully separate Legislative Defense Force, as does the Judicial force. Civil wars are considered unfortunate but a necessary part of maintaining the separation of powers.

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