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Default Re: Long-Term Trends in RPGs?

Originally Posted by vicky_molokh View Post
The following systems I consider sensible after applying 5-40 pages of house rules:
GURPS (3-5, or maybe 5-10 pages)
WoD 2.0 (20ish pages, but boring)
Buffy/Angel (10-20)
Rogue Trader/Dark Heresy (not sure how many)
Age of Aquarius (20-40 pages, I think)
Fuzion (not sure how many)

Aside from those, are there any other systems that are playable, sensible and rather importantly, generic?
GURPS is my true love, of course, but I sometimes moonlight with HERO. Great fun.

HERO is certainly both very 'playable' and highly 'generic'. As for 'sensible' - well, it depends on what your standards are :)

It's great for supers, manga, and cartoon/comic book action generally. For realism, of course, GURPS has it crushed to pulp. But for fast, cheerful action in just about any genre, HERO is a great game.
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