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Old 05-11-2017, 11:22 AM   #1
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Default Welcome!

Welcome to the Ogre forum!

Most of us want to find more folks with whom to play Ogre. As a start on that, we recommend the Gamer Finder (which is a forum here on the SJG forums). Add your details there and look for other players near you.

And now, some (potentially) useful links:


Why a Welcome thread? After finding myself welcoming new people and providing links to resources in the middle of two different threads in the last week or so, I chatted with Drew (the esteemed Ogre Line Manager) about the idea of a Welcome thread. He thought that was a good idea, so here it is. I thought I'd use it both to welcome new folks and to get (hopefully) useful links into one place.


Drew here . . . please enjoy this thread and again, a hearty welcome to all new players! I would like to keep this thread relatively clean, so that months and years from now new players aren't wading through scores of posts to see if there is anything that they truly need. To that end, I will be pruning frequently and would encourage all to limit their posts to that which would truly be of value to all new players. Thank you for your understanding.

Play Ogre? Want an interactive record sheet?

Want a random dungeon? How about some tables for that? How about a random encounter?

Last edited by Steve Jackson; 05-28-2018 at 06:23 PM. Reason: Removed reference to no-longer-extant Gamer Finder db
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Default Re: Welcome!

Thanks, Buzzardo.

As mentioned, welcome to the Ogreverse! There is a lot to explore and enjoy here, and many passionate fans with whom to discuss the finer point of the game.

I will update this thread as needed. Another thread that is of great value in addition to the above is the Ogre Tools thread. Please feel free to try them out!

Again, welcome to the nuclear battlefront!

Proud sponsor of Ogre KS $4.5k Sheet #3 - Bringing the Vatican Guard, a Tiger-striped mercenary unit, and of course pink GEVs, to a game near you! Orders may be placed here.
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Default Re: Welcome!

This was posted over on BGG, and it was requested to be posted here as well:

Welcome to the Last War!

Congratulations on buying Ogre, arguably the best war-game made for over 40 years! Back in 2012 there was a monstrous Kickstarter campaign, where Ogre Designer's Edition was forged. This was the most comprehensive set of rules, units, Ogres and game pieces ever designed for the game. Although these sets have long sold out, Ogre Sixth Edition proudly carries on the Ogre line.

Despite missing out on the ODE Kickstarter, you can get virtually everything you "missed" through currently available options. First, I recommend you read this article, "Closing the Gap".

It describes how to bring Ogre Sixth Edition virtually on par with the original Ogre Designer's Edition. Some additional links include the following:

Ogre Sixth Edition (presumably you have that!)
Ogre Reinforcements
Giant Battlefield Map set
Sponsored Counter Sheets

Don't forget the free Ogre Stream Overlays pdf

Finally, there are a number of Scenario Books that are available to everyone as pdfs through W23:

Scenario Book 1
Scenario Book 2
Scenario Book 3

There is a lot of other Ogre material on W23 as well which should include the imminent release of Ogre Miniatures Set 1. Additionally, the Kickstarter for Ogre Miniatures Set 2 is scheduled to launch on November 13 . . .

If you haven't already, sign up for "Ogre News". That way, you won't miss a thing re: Ogre going forward. You can find the subscription link here.

Finally, if digital gaming is more your thing, check out the Ogre Video Game on Steam. It is a faithful rendition of the game by Auroch Digital.

Welcome to the battlefield!

Proud sponsor of Ogre KS $4.5k Sheet #3 - Bringing the Vatican Guard, a Tiger-striped mercenary unit, and of course pink GEVs, to a game near you! Orders may be placed here.
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Default Re: Welcome!

It has been brought to my attention that the history of our game is difficult to determine. Certainly, the background has grown over the past 40+ years, and it is scattered about in a variety of places. To try to assist new players in "catching up" with the vibrant, if violent, world of Ogre, here are some links and information.

A history of The Last War
An Ogre Timeline

[The following will be a link soon. But please enjoy the material here for now!]

The various cybertanks of The Last War

The term “Ogre” officially only applies to cybertanks of North American Combine design and designation. However, for the purposes of this essay and ease of use during the game, “Ogre” refers to any cybertank, regardless of affiliation.

Mark I. An oversized heavy tank controlled by a robot brain instead of a crew. It was a proof-of-concept design, and turned out to be hard to kill, but it was too expensive! However, the Mark I remained in production as long as the Combine lasted, simply because it was the only Ogre small enough to be transported by conventional means. It was effective in terrain where human troops didn’t perform well, such as jungle and tundra.
In 2080, the Paneuropeans fielded a physically near-identical unit, calling it the Pikeman. It is assumed that the templates were acquired by espionage.

Mark II. The first Ogre to be mass-produced by the Combine. It worked well, but demand for still heavier armament soon led to its replacement by the Mark III for most purposes. However, the Mark II remained in limited production for many years and was sold to client states.

Mark III. The first really capable line-of-battle Ogre, designed by the Combine, but produced in quantity by Paneurope after it captured the British facility that built them. They called it the Legionnaire. The Mark III-B was a Combine-only variant with a heavier chassis and two main batteries 
instead of one. 

Mark IV. A large but lightly built “raider” unit – as expensive to build as a Mark V, 
but faster and specialized for hit-and-run attacks. It could demolish a Mark III, and make a good showing against a Mark V – but its real purpose was to penetrate an enemy position, wreak long-range havoc with its missiles, and withdraw.

Mark V. A very formidable all-around line-of-battle unit. This was the biggest cybertank to be built in quantity. Paneurope also built large numbers of Mark V units, calling them Huscarl, after the occupation of Great Britain.

Mark VI. The biggest Ogre ever to go into regular production, with three main batteries and three missile racks. Comparatively few were built.

Fencer. The first original Paneuropean cybertank design. It was no faster than a Mark V, but with four missile racks, it was designed for a hit-and-run tactical role. Mounting only two light railguns, it was weak in close-range combat; the upgunned Fencer-B turret was an attempt to address this.

Doppelsoldner. The biggest Paneuropean cybertank, generally comparable to a Mark VI.

Ninja. Of the many experimental cybertanks designed by the empires of the 21st century, certainly the best known was the Combine’s Ninja. It was by far the most successful attempt at a “stealth” cybertank. How do you hide something the size of a small building? With lots of electronics. The Ninja traded offensive armament for speed, intelligence (almost all were self-aware), and defensive electronics and weaponry. Probably fewer than a hundred were built; they were expensive, and not cost-effective in every role. But as sneaky raiders or tactical recon units, they were unmatched. Legends built up around the Ninja.

Vulcan. The Vulcan was the Combine’s unique solution to the Ogre logistics problem. Ogres could be shipped in modules, airdropped where needed, and assembled in the field by a Vulcan maintenance cybertank. Vulcans were based on the Mark III-B chassis, but sacrificed weapons for manipulator arms and drone storage. 
Although not designed for combat, a Vulcan had a number of ways of altering the battlefield for the benefit of their comrades.

Oni. The first known cybertank produced by the Nihon Empire. Based upon stolen plans of the Combine’s Mark III-B, it was quite effective against human forces.

Samurai. The big brother to the Oni, the Nihon Samurai is roughly equivalent to the Combine Mark V or Paneuropean Huscarl.

Golem. Independently developed by Israel, the Golem proved to be an exceptionally effective unit in its own right, working in close formation with human Israeli forces.

Dragon. Not a cybertank per se, the Chinese Dragon was a massive armed landship crewed by human forces. Although armed and armored in many ways comparable to the various “true” Ogres, it proved inferior in combat against them. Nevertheless, it was a fearsome unit when used against conventional forces.

Ogrethulhu. When an Ogre Mark V is possessed by an unspeakable Eldritch Horror, the result is a doubly-unstoppable killing . . . well, not exactly a machine, but a creature of inhuman cyberintelligence and unholy hungers, with tentacles, claws and a never-blinking eye . . .
{This Ogre is not part of the "official" Ogre universe}

{Note: There are no official rules for the Oni, Samurai, Golem, Dragon, or Ogrethulhu . . . yet!}

- Drew
Proud sponsor of Ogre KS $4.5k Sheet #3 - Bringing the Vatican Guard, a Tiger-striped mercenary unit, and of course pink GEVs, to a game near you! Orders may be placed here.

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