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Old 02-01-2014, 04:25 PM   #1
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Default Applying limitations to enemies powers?

I am playing as a meta mage in a mage campaign so i was wondering if it was possible to create some sort of affliction that placed limitations in the powers of others such as resistible or takes extra time.
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Default Re: Applying limitations to enemies powers?

A toughie as it is likely easier to just remove the advantage/trait via Affliction with Negated Advantage. For the overall build probably Affliction with a modular foundation ala either Modular Abilities to craft it custom from the ground up in play, per Affliction, or perhaps use Power-Ups 4's Variable Enhancements inside an Affliction to do the same.

So that would be the likely framework.

For the actual modifier...I'd consider charging similar to Negated Advantage, but only the difference between the vanilla Advantage and the one with the limitation. So Resistible (HT+4) -50% on an Innate Attack worth 50 points would be a modifier on Affliction worth +25%.

RAW-wise I guess one would have to use the modifiers Negated Advantage + Advantage, the latter granting the appropriately limited Advantage.

Which would kind of motivate one to tack on lots of terrible limitations...

The RAW-wise version is kind of amusing in the sense of 'yeah, you basically can't use your ability,'s a crappy consolation prize!' Maybe put No Signature on the Affliction and presume it to mean they don't know their ability has been compromised.
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Default Re: Applying limitations to enemies powers?

It looks like a relative of the Disadvantage Affliction, although the exact mechanics of it aren't immediately clear to me. Maybe you would have to specify the advantage to be affected as well as the specific limitation... not sure.
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Default Re: Applying limitations to enemies powers?

I would say it's a definite yes to applying limitations to enemy powers. I asked a similar question regarding applying enhancements to enemy abilities and PK chimed in with a yes. See the full discussion here.
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Old 02-01-2014, 07:40 PM   #5
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Default Re: Applying limitations to enemies powers?

If it was a specific limitation that went on a specific trait, you just multiply the value of the limitation by the value of the trait and count that as a disadvantage being given by the affliction.

If it is a specific limitation that can be applied to any trait, you would have to build something along the lines of modular abilities or wild talent. Alternately, I might just eye-ball it as each -5% counts as 15 points of disadvantages being imparted through affliction. That is inspired by wild card skills costing triple what the hardest skill costs. In this case, a "wild card" limitation affliction could cost 3x what the limitation would be on a 100-point trait. YMMV
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