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Dangerious P. Cats
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Default Re: Building a setting with Ice Age and Celtic Myth

Originally Posted by Vaevictis Asmadi View Post
Looks interesting.

If you need more info about ice age animals (preferrably for a specific continent) I can get you the info.
More info would be good since much of what I have comes from ice Age and Walking with Beasts. For the mot part I'm looking at the wild life from late Ice Age Europe or North America, but I'm not too wed to the idea of duplicating a set Eco System with Celts in it if you can think of any that would be cool it would be highly appreciated.

Originally Posted by elv View Post
Hmm. Based on the mental image of mammoth-riding I'd go for Mahouts, or even Mammuts. Based on the description, which is a sort of nomadic pastoralism, I'd go for Pastoralists or similar.

Nice setting, BTW!

I like the idea of reffering to them as Pastoralists, it seems to communicate that people are cultural groupings rather than formal nations.

The other thing I'm wanting to add are martial arts styles, I don't suppose anyone knows any good sources of information about Celtic fighting?
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