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Default Re: (IC) Lost in Dreams (Julian)

Originally Posted by ericthered View Post
I think at this point we have a routine for Julian, yes? What will he be focusing on acomplishing and learning over the next few days?
Well let's see...
-> Eat three meals a day
-> Buy a shirt and shoes
-> Practice Riask, both passively by hanging out, and by deliberately repeating words and phrases like a mantra.
-> If I get shoes, go wandering around. Push conversations in the direction of, "What's around Bumundo". Generally improve knowledge of the area.
-> Practice drawing Vasic patterns
-> Keep at daily journal entries, if only to keep track of the date. Though they will be glossed over.
-> Look at spots I could put a pendulum. Ideally shouldn't be directly over a platform, high above another platform, and have footholds to help climbing up to it.
-> Try to work up the nerve to ask a Vasic guide about the ozone smell I get when I'm around Vasic lights and similar effects. It'd be hard enough with a language gap. Adding in the fact Julian thinks the question's a waste of time...
-> Try to put to rest the conflicted feelings I get about being in this strange place on some mornings.

Think that should cover at least a few days, probably more.

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lost in dreams

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