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Default Takedown Rifles (1990s)

I find myself requiring takedown rifles that are hard to trace to individual buyers, in the 1990s. I want rifles that can fit into backpacks, coolers or other small spaces, but still be useful at longer ranges than a submachine gun like the Uzi or Ingram MAC-10.

I guess there would be separate categories for smallest (fits into space 17" long or shorter), small (17" to 20") through medium (fits into something 20" to 23") to biggest (24" to 26"). Any larger and it might just as well be a rifle with a folding stock.

Being able to retain your zero with a decent scope would be a huge benefit.

The party purchasing these has plenty of resources, but given that they'll be acquiring dozens, possibly hundreds, and many of them will be cached somewhere no one might use them for years or decades, it might be nice to avoid each rifle being too expensive and fancy.

My possibilities seem to be mainly three.

1) Classic takedown rifles from TL6, now possibly expensive, scarce and hence possible to trace. Many TL6 lever-action rifles existed in (much rarer) takedown versions and the Remington 8 and Winchester 1907 self-loading rifles also did.

Aside from the rarity, these rifles will not be set up to use modern optics, and, in fact, if you were to drill the receiver for mounting a scope, would be inaccurate due to the way the barrel is installed in the takedown models. You really want iron sights on the barrel to retain zero for a TL6 takedown rifle.

2) Custom bolt-action rifles or expensive European rifles with takedown or quick-change barrel capability. These became somewhat popular in the 2000s, after being almost unknown for decades.

Blaser R93 rifles date back to 1993, but the pre-LRS models were aimed at affluent hunters, not tactical shooters, and the volume of sales was very low. Tracing who bought one would be easier than with many more common rifles. Also, the price tag is hefty.

Sauer 202 rifles are sold in takedown models today, but I am not certain of the date these first appeared. Sauer 200 and Sauer 202 rifles, even aside from dedicated takedown models, make it fairly easy to change barrels, but it might not be easy enough to make a practical takedown rifle and you might not retain your zero.

The U.S. Repeating Arms Company, the FN-owned entity that in the period were owners of the Winchester trademark, may have sold a few Winchester 70 rifles converted into takedown rifles by their Custom Shop in the 1990s, but the Winchester Model 70 Custom Take Down that appeared in catalogs with a model name is not attested until 1998.

H.S. Precision offered their own takedown rifle model around that time, but from 1992 were known to modify Remington 700 actions into custom takedown rifles. Main flaw of these would be the expense and rarity, which greatly increases the odds that investigators might trace these to someone.

3) AR-15 rifles or other rifles that can be separated into uppers and lowers.

These are not nearly as common in the 1990s as they are now and few accessories or parts were available, but a 16" barrel Colt R6520 would fit inside something 24.25" long, could mount optics that retained their zero and would be useful up to 300-500 yards or so with the right handloads.

Does anyone have other suggestions?

Also, I hear that H&K G3 rifles can be separated into uppers and lowers. Could you transport one like that and assemble it as quickly as an AR-15 type rifle? Would it retain its zero?

If you can, how big would the largest part of it be?
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