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Default Re: [Bio-Tech] Template for Female Space Colonists

Originally Posted by Donny Brook View Post
Chromosomal gender comes from an input from the male parent.

Accordingly, for the female parent to determine gender you'll use either:

-anti-selection (discouraging/killing male embryos); or

-have some magic-science way for the gestating female to actually manipulate the embryo's chromosomes.

The first actually reduces birth rates and only makes sense if there is a serious and as yet unstated resource constraint. The second sounds like higher tech than has been posited so far.
Just occurred to me, this could also be achieved by the mother having some kind of gland that injects small quantities of testosterone into the foetus at the critical weeks. That would cause the foetus to continue development along male lines, and then once its own sex organs have had their development path confirmed, it would be self-sustaining. You'd then get a person who was male in every respect except chromosomally.

Disadvantage: These males would only be able to father female children, and any XY males subjected to this uterine environment might be hyper-masculine in some way.

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