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Default Suggestions for the new basic Melee microgame, by Rick.

Hi everyone.
This is my list of things to improve / think about for the new copy of Basic Melee.

-- I suggest that people can defend when unengaged. (e.g. If you are being attacked by a pole weapon poking at you.)

-- Can you move half your MA and defend? This is a common house rule which I've seen in several campaigns.

-- Beef up the defending option slightly. Perhaps in addition to making you harder to hit, you stop an extra couple points verses melee attacks thru your front hexes? With attribute bloat, defending can become a useless option.

-- Clean up the HTH rules. This might include:
---> No +4 DX for being in HTH with others. (I allow the strongest figure in HTH to get +2 DX.)
---> No entering HTH during movement.
---> On the turn you initiate HTH, you may only attack or draw a dagger.

-- Be more clear on pole weapon charge attack rules. Give some examples explaining edge cases. If an attacker shifts one hex towards a defending pole weapon user, does the defender really get a +1 die charge attack bonus?

-- I suggest that two handed weapons do an extra point of damage across the board.

-- Missile weapons are awesome. Ranged damage AND they can uniquely fire twice per turn. I suggest that they do on average a point less damage. Also see below.

-- I suggest that the damage of the weapons table be tweaked. Massive weapons do damage like: X dice + modifier. Impaling weapons and ones that should have a wide range of damages should do damage like: X dice – modifier. For example, a long bow (which requires far more than an 11 ST), might be a ST 15 weapon that does 3d-5 damage.

-- Super tiny dropped weapons counters are a bit of a pain. I suggest that the smallest these get are about 7 x 10 mm.

-- The giants are pretty underpowered. They are so strong, I would give them 3 points of free armor, from heavy furs, and the like. (If you have "Advantages of Great ST" in the full TFT rules, giants having no free armour makes even less sense.)

-- Add more monsters to fight. More variety in counter sheet.

-- Add more weapons. Some small weapons for goblins etc. A couple bigger weapons for Reptilites, Ogres and very strong figures. Make a couple of small weapons that are two handed. Make a couple of large weapons that are one handed.

-- Add some terrain counters and rules for same. At the very least, low brush on one side, and denser thorny brush on the other.

Comments are welcome.
Warm regards, Rick.

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