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Default DxM play at any time cards


I have a few questions:
1. How many times an "play at any time" DxM card can be used by a munchkin? You must discard it after it is used?
eg.: Bermuda Triangle, Monstrous Wealth, Dispel Monster, or Do Over!

2. When a curse is continuing?
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Default Re: DxM play at any time cards

DxM cards are always discarded after use unless the card says otherwise or their card type is said to stay in play in the rules (such as Races, Classes and Monster Enhancers).

There are two types of continuing Curses.
  • Those that effect an event in the future, such as your next battle.
  • Those that say they stick around until something happens (or a Wishing Ring is used), or they have an effect that lasts until the Curse is removed, such as Curse! One Hand Tied Behind Your Back!

Most Curses will simply have you discard cards, or Change Race, and seeing as the effects are completely resolved, they aren't continuing and you can discard them.
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Default Re: DxM play at any time cards

On page 17 of the rules, it says that DxM cards are, generally, play then discard, and then goes on to list the exceptions (Races, Classes, Half-Breed, Super Munchkin, Monster Enhancers, and cards like Mate). None of those cards seem to match the exceptions (I'm trying to track down my copy of the MQ database to confirm), so I'm going to say they are all play then discard.

A continuing curse is a curse that has an effect that isn't immediate (i.e., resolve the effect and discard the curse). Some hypothetical examples: An immediate effect would be something like, "Drop the Item that gives you biggest bonus," or, "Lose Two cards from your hand." A continuing effect would be something like, "You can't get help until you kill a Monster on your own."
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