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Default [Basic] [High-Tech] Somewhat confused about Poisons and Resistant: Poison . . .

Greetings, all!

I'm somewhat confused about the way some of the poisons work, and the way they interact with other stuff.

Curare and Cycles: A poison that has cyclic effects stops in its cycles upon a successful HT roll. Okay, so we have Curare. We get four 30-minute cycles. But we take damage regardless of HT roll, and paralysis on a failed HT roll. This sounds like an extremely convoluted way of saying 'cyclic, but breaking the cycle still does 2d tox once'. Or did I miss some bit of reasoning?

Resistant: Also, this seems to make it so that being Resistant or even Immune to Poison does not prevent risking death after roughly 3 doses of Curare: you get a +3, +8 or even auto-succeed the resistance roll, but you still take 3×2d ~= 21 damage. Same effect with Ricin, which afflicts nausea and vomiting regardless of HT rolls.

Botulin Toxins: The cycles are 12 hours long, and cause a HT-n roll to resist paralysis, with n getting worse each cycle. What's the point? If you fail the roll, you get paralysis. If you succeed, you aren't going to need any more rolls, since you shook it off.
Also: healing the paralysis requires being on ventilation - why? It causes paralysis, not choking.
Also: what is the number of cycles?

Thanks in advance!
Vicky 'Molokh', GURPS FAQ and uFAQ Keeper
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