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Old 02-28-2010, 11:17 AM   #181
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Default Re: Member House Rules

Originally Posted by Andrew Hackard View Post
We're actually adding this as an optional rule in the next printing of Cthulhu; it came up during our playtests of ... wait, that would be telling.
You tease as bad as my wife....just in a different way of course! Lol....

That's cool that I came up with something like that on my own! Sometimes it makes me think I know what I'm
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Old 03-01-2010, 05:10 AM   #182
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Default Two Player Idea

What does everyone think of this?
The idea is to add the Non-Playable Munchkin idea, without having a permanent NPM. Rather, one that only appears when you really need it. I am calling it an Artificial Munchkin [AM] for now. Please, someone think of something more clever.


How about this. During combat of a two player game (... or solo quests...just kidding!) you can "Run For Help."

A) Running from Battle: Running for help means you must perform a successful Run Away roll. Let me put it this way: As usual, if you can not beat a monster, you must Run Away. BUT, if you get away without Bad Stuff, you have the option to Run For Help: proceed to step two.

B) Running For Help: To Run for Help, you must discard your whole hand. For every card you had, your AM (Artificial Munchkin) will bring that many treasure cards. So, if you had to discard three cards from your hand, draw three treasure cards and place them face up to the side. They are in play and you can use during this battle, but they will be discarded after the battle when the AM leaves. Cards with permanent effects, such as GUALs, may only affect the AM.

C) Level: When you went for help, you had to do some bribing. Give the AM
at least one treasure worth at least one hundred gold. The item may still count for this battle, but will be discarded afterwards. The more bribing, the better the help. For every one-hundred gold you hand over, the AM will gain that many extra levels, with a level Ten maximum [20 in Epic]. e.g. give him an item worth 200 GP and the AM will be a level 2, such as the Leather Armor, and the AM is a level 2 with a +1 bonus (not counting the other items it probably has). If you have no treasure to give, a dice roll will determine his or her level.

D) Race and Class: Next, you may choose one race, one class and one sex for your AM. The AM does not have race or class abilities.

E) Winning: If you win, you receive levels and treasure [drawn face-up] as usual. No matter how the battle ends, the Artificial Munchkin gets away will all the stuff associated with it. All items that were drawn for it and that you gave to it are discarded.


As far as rules go, I think this is fairly tight.

I am wondering if both A) and B) are necessary. What do you think?

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Old 03-01-2010, 07:35 PM   #183
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Default Re: Member House Rules

Originally Posted by MunchkinMan View Post
That's odd. . . Katrina's not in Unnatural Axe. . . Perhaps you mean Need For Steed?
yes i did mean need for steed... sorry i got them both around the same time.
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Old 03-01-2010, 07:38 PM   #184
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Default Re: Two Player Idea

Originally Posted by Elite View Post
The idea is to add the Non-Playable Munchkin idea, without having a permanent NPM. Rather, one that only appears when you really need it. I am calling it an Artificial Munchkin [AM] for now. Please, someone think of something more clever.

I think that if you have the munchkin bobblehead you could put it there and have him play as the NPM n call him bobbs. if you dont i think that you should change his name depending on the game.

Fantasy- Aragorn
Fu- High Master Chin
Cthulu- Mr. Cultist
Impossible- 007
Bites- Buffy
TGTBTM- Wild Bill
Star- Luke
Booty- Captian Jack Sparrow
Super- Mighty Mouse

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Old 03-04-2010, 12:37 AM   #185
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Default Re: Two Player Idea

Originally Posted by Elite View Post
As far as rules go, I think this is fairly tight.

I am wondering if both A) and B) are necessary. What do you think?
I like your idea, but I think it involves too many extra rules. I'd prefer if you would bribe with the treasures that the monster will give if you win. 100 Gold pieces seems abit too cheap for a level (artificial or not!).

Also, this doesn't fix the imbalance problem that can arise in two player munchkin, because both the top and the bottom munchkin can use the artificial munchkin.

I do must say again I like the "running away (like a little chicken) for help", that's really funny and in spirit!

For a related suggestion on two player muchkin check out my post:
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Old 03-04-2010, 11:33 AM   #186
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Default Re: Member House Rules

NPM Theory:
My thinking was the the main reason for the imbalance is a matter of usefulness.
Early in the game, both players win about the same number of battles and win about the same number of treasure in the first third of the game [up to about level 4 for the lead player].

But, the imbalance occurs because one player has acquired mostly items he/she CAN use, while the opponent has acquired mostly items he/she CAN NOT use.

This is the trend. Sometimes it happens later in the game, but rarely is the end game [the last few levels] NOT a blow-out.

So, the player in the lead will most likely discard items it CAN use in order to call upon the help of a Non-Playable Munchkin;
and the player behind will probably discard what it already CAN NOT use, and then keep the treasure from the kill hoping to get usable stuff.

[In other words, bribing with the monster's treasure makes sense in a single battle scenario, but it is detrimental to the trailing players success in the overall game arc; i will come back to this.]

Lastly, I think it should be necessary to give the NPM one of the GUAL qualities, in that it can not be summoned when the battle would win you the game. [if someone wanders in a monster to battle AFTER you called upon the NPC, then you might win.] Let's just say that NPMs don't like to feel envious or proud of another Munchkin's success.

Frofrog, thank you for your input. Any and all suggestions help me get a clearer picture for could be done to help a two-player game. Maybe the bribing stage is altogether unnecessary or should be simplified [e.g. a level per treasure]. And level should be the same as the player or determined by a die roll or two.

Here are the intents of my suggestion:
1) It must be a play that either player my perform
2) The monster's treasure must go to the player who beat the monster.
3) (to balance [1]:) The play may not be used to win the game.

The reason for [1] is because no player, even in Munchkin, in specifically a two-player match, should have an unmatched option of play style, for many reason, but one being that if player A is level 9 and B level 8, then player B has an advantage to win. [Charity does not count because it is a forced device of the game, not a play option]

And the reason for [2] is that getting treasure, especially new treasure, is really the point of the game. A Munchkin would rather get a treasures first and levels later.

What else do you guys think?
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Old 03-04-2010, 11:38 AM   #187
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Default Two-player Match

Here is a completely different suggestion to even out a two play match:
What if there was a limit on the number of total items [or just small items] that a player can hold? That would keep things balanced. What do you all think? Any suggestions?

I think 10 is a good number, easy to remember, and it allows for
1 headgear
2 hands
1 armor
1 footgear
1 big item
4 small items
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Old 03-08-2010, 06:56 AM   #188
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Default Re: Member House Rules

Preparing for battle:
Set out a stack of weapons (face down), armor (face down) and race/class (also face down). Each player draws 1 card from each pile. You then shuffle the treasure back together, as well as door cards, and each player may then draw 1 more treasure and 1 more door card and the game begins.

My group has just started playing, and many of our games have had 1 person at lvl 2-3 while we're all at 8-9. They've got 1 item out and are just sitting around. This should alleviate some of that trouble.
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Old 03-13-2010, 06:46 AM   #189
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Default Re: Member House Rules

So, I read all of the posts just now (took a while...)

Here's my own house rule. Sadly, it came up on its own due to not understanding Charity at first.

"Every Munchkin for Themselves!" (Just made it up as I read the topic)

Basically, Instead of the Charity phase, everyone discards if they're over their limit (5, normally, 6, for a dwarf, and to infinity and beyond with certain cards) at the end of their turn. I have mostly played 2 player games, and the few times where I played more than that, I had to teach 2+ people how to play, every, single, time. So in other words, the 3 or more player games, no one ever won, due to them losing interest too fast, or talking with the other people there, or eating, or whatever.

Reading all of the posts, I saw that many people had groups, or even with 2 people, had one player always stay at 1, 2 or 3, no matter what, or almost. With no charity, that player will have even less of a chance, that is certain. However, with the whole lvl 1 thief fiasco I read a few pages back, it would prevent from feeding them the cards they need for their abilities.

Also, if you get sent back to lvl 1 due to bad stuff, you become the lowest level, but still have all your gear. Getting charity then would only make you able to rush back up to where you were, that is, if you were in the top, if not the highest lvl player at that point.

After all, in a two player game, which is what I've mostly played, you don't WANT to give cards to your only opponent, even if s/he would have to do so as well. So discarding ends up looking as a better solution. For clerics, it is a double-edged blade too. If you're lower level, and fight a low level monster, and still are low level, with 4 cards, on the next turn, you will likely end up getting charity, normally, and be able to grab that low level monster with resurrection to get another level easily.

Without charity however, your opponent will most likely discard and block your ability. Sadly, you might end up giving them a card they WANT, but you wouldn't necessarily know that they could use it at that point, or it could be the only card you COULD discard at that point, to save a good combo for later.

Anyways, I will be playing Munchkins later, a 2 player game, again, with all of my decks, separated in themes. I have Munchkins (1-3), Booty (1,2) Star (1) and Blender. I had mixed them all up before, but that was too big of a deck, and we'd only end up playing with parts of it, never being able to do good combos, even though some other ones ended up being pretty funny.

I will thus, attempt a separated decks game with these rules;

1 -On your turn, you can kick down a door of any deck.

2a - If you fight a monster, the treasure has to come from the same theme.
2b - If you get a curse that makes you lose an item, it goes in the appropriate discard that item is from.
2c - If you don't get anything, you can proceed to look for trouble or search the room

3a - Fight a monster and take the treasure from the room you are in (deck you kicked a door from)
3b - Search the room you have entered, for a face down door of that deck.

4 - Every Munchkin for Themselves! Discard any cards you have in excess to its appropriate discard pile, and theme, no matter how you got it.

Sure, some decks might be neglected, but then again I don't have that many.

Ships from Booty, Lasers from Star, Enhancers and weak monsters from Blender, and the core of it will be from the original game, most likely.

As for the special opportunities, like a pirate's ability to take a treasure instead of a door, it can be from any deck.

Selling items for levels is also possible with any combo, just don't mix the themes.

Edit: Turns out we only played one game, which we didn't finish. With the two of us, after two hours, we were still at base level, though we had some stuff, like race, class and accent.

I also added the option that, if you kick down a Blender Door, you can loot any room, if it's not a monster. Meaning your face-down door could be from any of the decks. I guess the same would apply to defeating a blender monster, but we never got to kill one XD

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Default Re: Member House Rules

My group has a house rule about forgotten loot. If for some reason you forget to search the room or take some of your treasures when you end your turn, somebody else can just walk in and take them. The rational is that you're all part of the adventuring party and if you're dumb enough to leave something behind on the ground when you leave the room, then anybody else can just pick it up.

We don't use this rule against new people, in fact we point out when they leave stuff behind and let them go back and get it, but we also remind them that it won't be like that forever... We're pretty merciless with each other though.
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