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Default Peace through Superior Firepower

The M16A1 (Colt AR-15A1 R603), legally registered prior to 1986 as a Class III firearm, with a mounted Optic-Electronic Corporation NVS-700 (AN/PVS-4) night vision sight, speaks with considerable authority against coyotes, wolves and even monstrous bear-things, even when just loaded with 55 grain JSP ammunition.

Especially when Special Agent Rene Ledoux was firing, as he retired as a Staff Sergeant of US Army Special Forces. The owner of the gun, Amos Burrell (NPC) proved surprisingly adept with the weapon, as well. He was quite accurate when firing aimed single shots, less so when firing suppressive burst at close range. As it turned out, Burrell was once a Staff Sergeant too, more than thirty years ago, in Korea.

An Ithaca Model 37 M&P shotgun loaded with buckshot was effective against the bear-thing. Agent Ledoux placed all eight shots in the heart-lung area from less than 4 yards, which brought the animal down. Before it became entirely clear whether this was fatal on its own, Ledoux emptied what was left in Burrell's M16 magazine into the heart-lung area of the bear-thing, as well. It didn't get up after that.

Agent Ledoux's CAR-15 R6001 Carbine 'Colt Commando' with a RDIAS and a shortened 11.5" barrel was less effective at slaying the creatures, but that might have been due to the lack of a night vision sight. The 55 grain M193 FMJ bullets seemed to have adequate terminal performance, but then again, Agent Ledoux is of the opinion that anything worth shooting is worth shooting several times, so most of his targets were serviced with between 2 to 5 bullets. And most of them were starving coyotes, so not very big and heavy creatures.

It turned out that a fancy rifle like the Remington 700 BDL Custom Deluxe rifle in .17 Remington;, even with a high-tech Pilkington PE Kite night vision scope mounted, didn't do any greater execution than an old Marlin 336 in .35 Remington with a thirty-year-old Weaver K4 4x38mm scope. Of course, that may have been the shooters, not the rifles.

Clayborn Allen is a fine hunter, but his son was in grave danger while he shot at beasts dogging young Courtney's steps and as far as anyone knows, this was Clayborn's first use of a weapon in deadlier earnest than hunting. Phil Willette, however, landed at Incheon as a 17-year-old doughboy with the 1/32nd IR and was wounded in action as one of the Chosin Few. Turns out repelling terrifying wave assaults from the frozen wastes is like riding a bicycle. You don't forget how.

A possible cause for concern is that the coyotes and wolves often tried to run or crawl closer and continued attacking even when mortally injured. This was almost irrelevant for those shot at over one hundred yards, but very dangerous once the firefight moved to close quarters. One wolf tried to tear open the throat of Burrell even after being disemboweled by a soft point bullet at point blank range. Good shot placement seemed vital, with solid hits with the 55 grain JSP to the heart-lung area usually producing stops and the same effect being observed with two or three FMJ rounds to the same area.

Ledoux dispatched three wolves at close range with 124 grain JHP from a 9x19mm SIG Sauer P226. One received six shots to the heart-lung area from the side, one took three bullets to the chest at point blank range and the last took a bullet to the brain. Unfortunately, Amos Burrell also took 9mm bullets to the left shoulder and right forearm, as the wolf shot in the head was lying on top of him at the time and Ledoux decided on behalf of his fellow veteran that possible death from friendly fire was preferable to certain death under the jaws of a beast.
Za uspiekh nashevo beznadiozhnovo diela!

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