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Angel Darkover
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Default Major error discovered (definite margin case)

Apologies, but this is bizarre.

First, here is the error:

After which, it crashes to the desktop - but it does retain control long enough to ask (and presumably complete but unverified) about saving the character.

So, here are the simplest repro steps I could get, which also abstracted out my own data files. Also, if it matters, I am in Classic view.

Step 1: Create a data set with just Basic and Magic.
Step 2: Create a brand new, blank character using said data set.
Step 3: Switch to the Spells tab, select the Categories filter and choose "~Syntactic".
Step 4: In the Library Spells side, select "Air (Syntactic)" and then CTRL-SHIFT-END to select all syntactic spells. Press "Add" to add them.
Step 5: Switching to the Character Spells side, click on any spell simply to deselect some leftover random selection, and then scroll to the top and again select "Air (Syntactic)".
Step 6: Again perform a CTRL-SHIFT-END to select all syntactic spells. This is when the error is triggered.

If more information is needed, or select files, please let me know what you need and I will provide whatever I can. I don't think it's a program setting inside of the options, but I can delineate those as well if you want.

As an aside, I also tried completing the first five steps and then manually CTRL-Clicking each spell to add them to the selection one at a time, and the error didn't trigger until the "Water (Syntactic)" spell (23rd of 24), if that helps at all.
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