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Default SM+1characters using full sized polearms with the staff skill

Low Tech allows for SM+0 characters to use Dueling Polearms with the Staff skill for better parries and to attack with the blunt ends of the weapon. Standard polearms don't get this benefit.

This holds true for larger characters, SM+n characters with SM+n dueling polearms can use the Staff skill to see some benefits.

What if a character was using a standard polearm of one SM down instead of a SM matched dueling polearm though? Rationale aside, stats wise it's a somewhat fair deal. Mostly because the damage bonus of the undersized standard polearm is quite a bit lower than just picking a size matched dueling polearm. Relative to a standard SM+1 polearm a SM+1 dueling polearm has -1 damage on it's highest damage attack. A SM+0 standard halberd however has -3 damage on it's highest damage attack. There are significant savings on MinST and weapon weight though. Reach is questionable, for my specific case going from SM+1 to SM+0 both dueling and undersized standard halberds lose 1 reach. (This is separate from the personal reach bonuses for size, these reach changes are due to the greater or smaller length of the weapon)

The trade comes down to reduced damage and weapon durability versus increased ease of use (Due to lower weight and MinST)

I of course think that this is a tremendous idea.
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