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Default Re: DreadStormers [IC]

Originally Posted by Hide View Post
Having heard his tale, Pacifica recalls whether or not she's read about the Black Kraken:
Literature for Pacifica:
3d6 <= 13
1 + 5 + 3 = 9 ... success
The Black Kraken appears to be an extremely local tale. It has all the appearances of a tall folk tale though, with about the same status as the modern bigfoot or loch ness monster. its famous on its own planet, but has almost no presence off of it. Pacifica has only heard the name once or twice, and that was just lumping it with a bunch of sea monster folklore, which the source claimed "were all pretty similar"

As Nejora is cursing, Pacifica pokes her with her elbow and says:

Nejora, is that a metaphor? Fairies can be dreadful too. Some of crawl over your body silently, at the darkest hours, to steal your teeth.


Acting for Pacifica:
3d6 <= 15
4 + 3 + 3 = 10 ... success

As Pacifica says this, she rides her own arm with her two fingers mimicking walking motion... until her fingers/hand "jumps" to her own jaw ending with a pulling something from my mouth motion.

She speaks in a scary/lugubrious voice.
Everyone at the table laughs except Nejora, who gives Pacifica a look like she wants to hit her in the face. "You're an <explicative> <explicative>"

(as I said, are you trying to annoy her?)

IC: (to Nejora) Do you have creatures like these at your homeland? Also, what other creatures like this one exist at your homeland, Jipo?
"Well, you have your normal white and red kraken. Plus " He lists off a bunch of names you don't understand, as he explains what they are, it seems they're mostly oversized fish. You know, if a whale can be considered an oversized fish: same shape, similar movement, different details. Each was something that makes it unique. About half of them are armored. A number of them have enormous tusks. Others have solid sharp plates instead of teeth. Then he starts talking about the squid derivatives.

Yes, I would like to request access to all of the shifts (plans, schedules, names) in the ship, to deliver an improved "master shift". I am doing this couple of days after I'm told the officers are pleased with my "circular economy" plan, I tell the officer I have also noticed the requests from other officers to improve the shifts, and that he can assess the quality of my job from my work on Zibo's hydrogen calculation requests, and from the help I provide to my colleagues.

I am including the management roll for the "master shift" task.

Administration for Pacifica (luck 2 of 2):
3d6 <= 14
1 + 2 + 1 = 4 ... success
Pacifica receives a letter from Zibo, letting her know that

"Your enthusiasm, while commendable, is misplaced. This is a suitable task for a crew member with more experience and a higher security clearance. We admire your ambition, and will happily sponsor your elevation to a higher security clearance next time the ship is in port. If you wish to increase your chances of receiving a commission during this conflict, we recommend volunteering on the extra hands list, performing your duty with excellence, and maintaining strict discipline. We also recommend watching and learning from your immediate superior."

So they'll happy give her access to that information after the ship has docked in port again and they can do the extra secure background check.
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