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Default Re: Parrying unarmed attacks with a weapon

Originally Posted by lachimba View Post
How is this normal?

The overwhelming majority of DF Monsters (for example) do not have natural attacks that count as weapons.
Correction: the normal solution for monsters that you want to be dangerous (in situations where parrying is possible, to warriors who are not surprised) is to give them natural attacks that count as weapons. A lot of monsters in DF are designed to be trash-tier, or to be lurkers who pounce out and eat the wizard, or the like.
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Default Re: Parrying unarmed attacks with a weapon

Originally Posted by Maz View Post
I would use the rules for Aggressive Parry from Martial Arts. With a few modifiers based on the last line stating that "Weapon parries against unarmed attacks are essentially aggressive “for free”;".

So an armed parry would not have to be chosen beforehand, and would not suffe a -1 penalty. But it would never happen on a retreating parry (making it less likely for fencing weapons, witch is fitting IMO).

On a success you get a free hit, but you still take location penalties, and you deal thrust-4 damage... this is independent on weapon type, but can be cut or impaling if you want to and the weapon is normally able to do those.
Sounds about right

I did just normal thrust damage today and even that stopped the Knight rolling 3d+8 damage which would have possibly killed a monster biting... with a parry!
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parry, swing, thrust, unarmed

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