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Moe Lane
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Default Jinn, Djinn Demon of Gin

Before anybody asks: the -1 Charisma on the second vessel is deliberate.

Djinn Demon of Gin

Corporeal Forces: 3 Strength: 6 Agility: 6
Ethereal Forces: 4 Intelligence: 10 Precision: 6
Celestial Forces: 5 Will: 12 Perception: 8
Word-Forces: 5
Vessel/4; Vessel/1, -1 Charisma (for setting up deals)
Role: Bartender-Hipster-Assassin/6, Status/3

Skills: Chemistry/1, Climbing/3, Dodge/6, Electronics/1, Emote/1, Fast-Talk/3, Fighting/3, Lockpicking/3, Knowledge (Distilling/1), Lying/5, Medicine/1, Move Silently/6, Ranged Weapon/3 (pistol), Small Weapon/3 (knife), Tactics/4

Songs: Charm (All/3), Darkness (Ethereal/3), Entropy (Celestial/3), Poison (All/3), Sleep (Ethereal/3)

Attunements: Djinn of Drugs, Acid Flashback, Bad Trip, OD, Score, Demon of Gin

Demon of Gin: Jinn doubles any positive modifiers used to summon Fleurity, Demon Prince of Drugs, as long as the drug being used is gin.
Oh, yes, “Jinn, Djinn Demon of Gin” was deliberately done, with malice aforethought (Hell has a perennial debate over whether that’s better, or worse, than malice done unthinkingly). Fleurity came up with it himself; the Demon Prince of Drugs thought that it was the funniest blessed thing ever to give Jinn that Word. Then again, at that particular time and drug payload the Prince thought that rocks were being particularly hysterical, so take that with a grain of salt.

Jinn has other opinions; and if he wasn’t a, well, Djinn (and thus more or less obligated to not care about anything) he’d be fuming over his treatment. ‘Gin’ is a Word that has had its heyday, frankly: it’s not the life-destroying booze of choice among humans anymore, and the ‘benefits’ that Jinn gets from it are pretty marginal, outside of the extra Essence storage from the Word-forces. The Djinn didn’t even get a Distinction out of the deal; Fleurity felt that “Jinn, Djinn Knight of Addicts, Demon of Gin” just didn’t have the right flow off of the tongue. At least, that’s what Jinn thinks Fleurity said. It was hard to parse out in between all of the Prince’s screaming and giggling and random attacks against Archangels who weren’t actually there.

On the other hand, being Word-bound helps keeps other, non-Word-Bound demons out of your business. Which suits Jinn, as his business is assassinating people for money. Not that he cares about money, really; but the talking monkeys all do, so he has to pretend that his clients need to pay him a lot of cash to do something Jinn would probably do for free. The fun thing -- and that term is, yes, complicated when it comes to Djinn -- is that as long as a human physically pays Jinn for the assassination, his Role can easily mask the Disturbance. Coupled with his particular set of skills and his useful Attunements, Jinn is in an excellent position to murder quite a few people and never disturb the Symphony.

He’s begun to make quite a name for himself there, in fact. Unfortunately, nobody’s let the Djinn know that being too good an assassin is a quick way to get the attention of a Malakite track-and-kill team. But then: the Word of Drugs has a remarkable amount of terminal turnover anyway. Very much including its various Princes throughout history.

PDF may be found here:
Moe Lane

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Night Watchman
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Default Re: Jinn, Djinn Demon of Gin

Something odd here. Gin has been having a resurgence in popularity in the last few years, but Jinn probably isn't responsible for that. When did he get his Word? I wonder if someone's making a sneaky attack on him via his neglect of the Word?
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Rocket Man
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Default Re: Jinn, Djinn Demon of Gin

So if someone is out to purify the Symphony of Jinn, would that be his tonic?
“It's not railroading if you offer the PCs tickets and they stampede to the box office, waving their money. Metaphorically speaking”
--Elizabeth McCoy, In Nomine Line Editor

Author: "What Doesn't Kill Me Makes Me Stronger"
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