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Default Re: Injury Tolerance: Damage Reduction vs Rapid Fire

Originally Posted by CeeDub View Post
Salutations! Quick question: Is my understanding correct that if a character with Injury Tolerance: Damage Reduction takes hits from a weapon with RoF > 1, he would take a minimum of 1 point of injury for each hit that penetrates Damage Resistance?
Yes, this is correct. Given that the "round up" nature is really more of a resolution thing than a game balance thing, grouping all hits you take from a single attack - or even all hits you take during a single round - before rounding up is unlikely to break anything, although it will make Cosmic: Round Down less attractive in many cases. Note some variant wounding rules (like "Conditional Injury" from Pyramid #3/120) largely get rid of the need to round things.

Originally Posted by Anthony View Post
And the GM says 'no'. It's legitimately 50% more valuable, though there are several methods around the minimum damage 1 (e.g. DR 2 (hardened x6 +120%, absorption(healing) +80%) [30]).
That's a rather clever workaround. There are edge cases where it's a bit less effective than Round Down (if the single point of damage is enough to cross some threshold, such as making it a Major Wound, cause it to call for a Death Check, or similar), but there are also edge cases where it's more effective (pre-divisor Injury that's exactly at or 1 point above an integer multiple of the divisor is at -1 HP to wounding and allows restoration of 1 HP from previous attacks; if it's exactly at 2 points above this you're at normal injury, but this is reduced to -1 relative to normal). Removing the damage reduction (so it's sorta "absorption only") but letting the Healing be functionally retroactive (healing Injury before it has any effect, but only healing injury from this attack) is arguably a wash, implying a "fair" value for Round Down is roughly [30] (I'd be tempted to drop this to [25]) regardless of how much IT:DR you have.
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Default Re: Injury Tolerance: Damage Reduction vs Rapid Fire

Originally Posted by munin View Post
Is it, though?
Yes. There's a big difference between "can be nickeled and dimed to death" and "can't be". It's not cost effective at low levels, you need around 8 levels before it is competitive with DR (at 8 levels, it lets you ignore hits under 20 points and costs 100 points, the same as DR 20). I consider IT(DR) somewhat overpriced in the first place, but having it scale your minimum damage threshold upward makes it significantly better.
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