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Old 12-08-2019, 09:21 PM   #11
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Default Re: Living Zombies [Horror/Zombies]

Anyway, prions are only one possible option, and they are not a terribly good option if you want anything but a deranged madman (though that might be sufficient). Viruses and supernatural curses are capable of genetic and, potentially, morphological changes. Other possibilities include biological augmentations, cybernetics, drugs, memetic engineering, nanotechnology, fungi, protozoa, amoebas, parasites, bacterial infections, and symbiotes.
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Default Re: Living Zombies [Horror/Zombies]

Yep. GHB can induce a Platonic rage, where a person will destroy anything in the vicinity. Other drugs can do similar things.
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The Colonel
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Default Re: Living Zombies [Horror/Zombies]

Possibly badly corrupted drivers/software in CNS cyberwear? These could convert cyberpunks into cyberzombies… and if they have a fully integrated skeletal rig, you could even skip the living part...
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Default Re: Living Zombies [Horror/Zombies]

Depending on the level of neural implants. I believe though that Black Mirror had an episode where a government was able to get their soldiers to treat human civilians as inhuman invaders by selectively filtering their perceptions through cybernetic ear and cybernetic eye implants. You could probably effectively turn someone into a homicidal killing machine through altering their visual and auditory perceptions.

For example, imagine hacking the visual and auditory feeds for a soldier in powered combat armor. The soldier receives visual and auditory information that is fictional, but the intention is to trigger very real effects. An entire company of such soldiers could lay waste to a small town within minutes, potentially killing thousands of civilians. Additional irony if the fictional information had the civilians perceived as zombies.
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