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Old 05-26-2022, 09:49 PM   #11
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Default Re: Immediate Action Bonus

Originally Posted by General Lee View Post
Some metaphysical considerations.

It was not my intention to formulate this slippery slope question, or chiken-egg question, but it come out that way...

The way you put it is a really strong question of Point Of View of the setting to relate different weapons systems or platforms.

But, as Sir_Pudding, Anthony and Pursuivant put it on their posts, its more something that already exists in the system, like Wepon Bond or Familiarity Modifiers, than something that only apply to the specific role of immediate action.

Maybe, I would use the Quality bonus (+1 for Fine Reliable/ +2 for Very Fine Reliable) for Immediate Action role, as well.

EDIT: From Brazil? Cool. I'm living in Rio de Janeiro.
That's fine, it's a good decision.

The reason why I said what I said is: ok, TODAY those adjusts could very well apply a Weapon Bond or a Fine or Very Fine Quality.

But what if tomorrow something comes even BETTER? A gun even more ergonomic, almost sensual to the touch.

Do you see where Im coming from?

Today's news are tomorrow's junk.

Also, nice to have some brazilian fellows here, what a pleasure! Im from Santos/SP. Nice to meet you.
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Old 05-28-2022, 03:15 PM   #12
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Default Re: Immediate Action Bonus

Originally Posted by KarlKost View Post
Today's news are tomorrow's junk.
Maybe. Sometimes older equipment holds its value over time or gets even better with age, like certain magic items.

Depending on the campaign, a character could easily have a Weapon Bond with a Colt Peacemaker or Walther PPK. To everyone else, they're weapons that should be in a museum, but for the PC they're perfect.

Incremental improvements would be things like slightly higher RoF, Malf, number of shots, reduced loading time, reduced weight/required ST, or slightly higher damage.
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Old 05-29-2022, 01:29 AM   #13
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Default Re: Immediate Action Bonus

Originally Posted by Anthony View Post
The reality is that almost every weapon modification you can come up with rounds to zero at the resolution of GURPS.

For Immediate Action, specifically, I think a penalty for poor design (like early production M16) is much easier to justify than any bonus.
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high-tech, immediate action, tactical shooting

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