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Default Known Issues in 5.0.199

GCA is not properly clearing an existing Hit Location Table when it encounters a duplicate table while loading book files. It is also not properly replacing duplicate line items when loading a table.

Two bugs of the same type in the same system. Double fun.

Unfortunately, this bug will crash GCA, so it is important. Fortunately, it isn't one that should happen often, since duplicate tables should currently only happen in files that shouldn't be used together, anyway.

For the time being, this issue can be fixed in one of two ways:
  1. Stop loading whatever book has the duplicate tables. This should be easy: in the "official" files the only duplicate Hit Location Tables are found in GURPS Basic Set 4th Ed.--Characters.gdf and Dungeon Fantasy RPG.gdf, two files you should not be loading together anyway.
  2. Turn on Verbose Book Processing. In the Options dialog, on the Program Options tab, scroll down to the Book Processing pane, and check the box for “Use verbose book processing.”
Once the next version of GCA is released and you have updated, this issue with duplicates should be fixed, so if you elected to turn on Verbose, you can turn it back off.
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