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Default [AtE] Para Military Organisation

Hi guys

For my After the End game, I want to create a lens for a group of mercenaries called "Eidgenossen" (plural).

A little context as the game is going to take place in the swiss wastelands - Eidgenosse (singular) literally translates to "comrade by oath". The word is mentioned in the founding myth of Switzerland, where conspirators met to vow to help each other against threats and where the word is used to self describe the conspirators.

Back to the game: The main cause for the fall was a Mega Virus, killing most, turning some humans into mutants. Since some of the mutants become bestial and otherwise unpleasant for society (Social Stigma [-15]), the Mutants that keep their sanity and still look kinda human get Social Stigma [-10]. Those who can pass as human but are otherwise known to be carrying the virus, get Social Stigma [-5]. Those associating with Mutants would also get Social Stigma [-5]

The "Eidgenossen" lens, just for the sake of the name, should have the disadvantage "Vow". I want the Eidgenossen vow to express their believe that men and (non-feral) mutants are equal and that they thus fight for the freedom of mutants.

How much should this vow cost?

What would you include in a Code of Honor for such a group? I would like them to be "good", or help the weak, be just... maybe just take Honesty instead of CoH?

To make things more complicated, the Eidgenossen are a capable para military group thanks to the tech and resources at their disposal. They are the most potent force in the starting area, forcing their believes on others - but as I said above, besides that they are a force of good. Do you think that Social Regard 3 (Feared) is appropriate?

Thanks for your input.



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