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Default Path/Book help with druids, enhancements, combat rituals, and more!

My last thread about this was Requesting Help for Making a Druid/Pigmancer, and I'm back on it for round two!

By the title, it may be obvious that I have narrowed down the Druid/Pigmancer to using Path/Book Magic. I have finally fallen in love with both Path/Book and Ritual Path Magic. They are both wonderful systems, and I think that they are the future of GURPS Magic altogether. Hell, if anyone knows when that elusive Ritual Path Magic book is coming out then please tell me!!

Druids: I'm trying to figure out the best way to build a Druid with Path/Book Magic. My player wants a Druid who has to be in nature to use her magic slowly effectively, but also be able to cast it quickly when she absolutely needs to. She has also narrowed down the rituals she wants into a short list that I will fit into a couple of paths.
I'm thinking about stealing the Ritual Adept advantage altogether to get the discount on space, materials, time, and time. Then I want to slap a limitation on there. I'll just call it Druidic, -50%. It will serve to reinstate the "space" aspect, but based on nature-ness instead of sanctity, and it will also be limiting my Druid to a lower amount of Druid rituals. Then I tack on four levels of Faster Casting from here so the Druid can gather energy each second. Furthermore, I think that I should be tacking Emergencies Only onto Faster Casting so that she can use it quickly only "when she absolutely needs to."

Enhancements: Or, rather, limitations. I can apply enhancements/limitations to damage on a RPM ritual without a problem. However, how do I do it over a whole ritual? I want to make rituals that can only be used when sung or played on an instrument. Yes, it's for a Bard.

Combat Rituals: I'm looking for some combat rituals (or any rituals, really) whether they be for Path/Book or RPM. I'll take them. I see people with their collections of monsters, templates, spells, and such... So I figured some collections of rituals might be floating around here somewhere. The more material I have to use and to look off of, the better! While my setting is not Dungeon Fantasy, I am looking more so for material that would fit a Dungeon Fantasy game. Also, any Pyramid articles that have rituals in them would be useful for me too.

Conversions: Here's something tricky. I'm trying to move away from the standard GURPS Magic system, but there are quite a few good spells in there. I'm wondering if there is a quick and easy (and probably dirty) way to convert those spells. If not, then I'll do them by hand, but... After all... I am pretty lazy.

Any ideas are welcome! Thank you all so much for the help that I have received so far. I love these Forums with a burning passion!
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Default Re: Path/Book help with druids, enhancements, combat rituals, and more!

Originally Posted by Raekai View Post
I want to make rituals that can only be used when sung or played on an instrument.
Rather than a limitation on the ritual, how about a limitation on the Magery, Ritual Adept, and/or a prereq in a musical skill? You could also substitute a musical skill as the cap (or an additional cap) instead of, or with, Thaumatology and 12+Magery. Or, taking it one step further, you could associate different instruments with each Path and treat that as the Path skill for those with Musical Magery. In this last case, for point balance you might not want to lose the IQ/VH difficulty, so you could either have MVH "magic instrument" skills, or make "magic music" a VH Technique of the base instrument skill.
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Default Re: Path/Book help with druids, enhancements, combat rituals, and more!

The above suggestion is good and as for Rituals look on the forums.
Many have been posted and some conversions were submitted to the upcoming RPM book. I do not know how many made the cut but RPK posted that some did.
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conversions, druids, enhancements, path/book, ritual path magic

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