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Default Alien Movie Quadrilogy Xenomorphs

I've looked and I cant seem to find a thread that has a rigorous write up (PC usable) for the Aliens from the Movie series.

In the event that one DOES exist, id love a link.

In the event that there is one for 3e, post it here and we can fiddle witht he conversions.

In the event there ISNT one Id like to try to cover these topics.

Face Hugger

Chest Burster

Alien - First Film

Drones - Second Film

Queen - Second Film

Id also like to consider the idea that aliens spawned from different species of host might produce different attributes and abilites. For example, an alien gestated in a dog might run faster than a human gestated drone, one gestated in a bear might be stronger. Using lenses, similar to Mailankas technique, I think we can work up a pretty broad spectrum.

NOTE: For fear of thread drift, Id rather NOT discuss Predator/Alien Hybrids.

EDIT: Note that this question is, for me, purely academic. Im not running an Alien or SF game right now, but Im sure someone either is, or is about to!

Thanks in advance,

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