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Default Re: DreadStormers [IC]

Originally Posted by ericthered View Post

Saturday at lunch entire thirds of sections are called up to the vehicle deck on level three. Here, entire sections of the ship are called up and given a lecture by Captain Zonor Thuto.

"Before, we had set out to go to war. Last night, the war came to us! Three fires, all nearby the food stores. This is without a doubt sabotage! and not only sabotage, but dreadstormer sabotage! In our midst, quite possibly among you, is an agenta of the Quinta! The Quinta thrive on division and deception. They claim they are not fighting, then send their most prized assets right into our heart. They are strongest in the shadows, when we are bending the rules, when we are relaxing for person pleasure instead of doing our duty! "

"I say this not to strike terror into your hearts, but to make you wary. Someone will die at the hands of these dreadstormers. He who takes a psionic sneak with him, even just be identifying him, has won the battle. If the Quinta cannot take this ship from us, their calculations will be off, and we will have won our war. The fate of the Zorbani Union lies in your ability to discipline yourselves."

At the end of the speech, you are formed into a line and each soldier in turn is given a pill and is watched while it is swallowed.
This is sounding difficult to avoid. How tricky would it be to place it under your tongue, pretend to swallow and spit it out later? How many people are gathered at once and how many people are watching as each soldier swallows the pill?

Originally Posted by ericthered View Post
What day is he looking to do that? What time of day? where will Pothi be? what part of the ship do you want to try this in? Do you want to target officers or security (I think you said security)? Earlier we talked about types of weapons. Are you aiming for a personal weapon, an issued weapon, or a spare weapon (that is checked for missing periodically?)
On second thought, what would be needed to break into the armoury? I have lockpicking, possibly with electrician as a complimentary skill (since I'm guessing these aren't mechanical locks).
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