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Default Sooo . . .What do you want?

Hi, everyone! Time for some more market research!

As I will soon embark for Origins, I thought I might stir up a little conversation and food-for-thought that I might further explore with those of you who will be at the convention as well as on the forums. Quite simply, what else would you like to see for Ogre?

This is truly as simple (and complex!) a question as it sounds. What do you want? Your responses can be as free-ranging and way-out-there as you wish. There are no ground rules, just a discussion as to what you might want to see (and in turn, would support). Obviously, the logistics of making a fully functioning Ogre are likely prohibitive from anyone seeing one anytime soon, but that doesn't mean you can't suggest it!

As a starting point, let me remind everyone what is already promised and what you will see in the (relatively) near future:
  • A Kickstarter for a Mark VI and an Ogre-to-be-determined-by-survey. (Everyone has completed the survey, yes? If not, please take a moment to do so!)
  • Battlefields - The expansion set containing LADs, Engineers, Vulcans, Ninja, maps G3 & S3, and more. See October 2, 2017 Ogre News entry for more detail.
  • Nightfall - a campaign of linked scenarios focused on the Nightfall Counter Set.
  • Although not a given, the Combine sculpts similar in nature to Ogre Miniatures Set 1 and Set 2 are under strong consideration.
Now, I have all sorts of ideas that I think it would be fun to pursue, many from my own warped imagination and some already suggested by you. But they are just that - my ideas. I want to know your desires for the game.

So please, use this thread to brainstorm what you'd like to see for the game. Feel free to discuss each other's ideas, both pro and con, (cons are important!). Just be respectful of each other (as you always are!).

Sooo . . . what do you want?


PS - I am running an identical thread over on BGG. Feel free to engage in conversation on both threads.


PPS - No promises on anything! <grin> But let's see where we go . . .

Proud sponsor of Ogre KS $4.5k Sheet #3 - Bringing the Vatican Guard, a Tiger-striped mercenary unit, and of course pink GEVs, to a game near you! Orders may be placed here.

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