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David Johnston2
Join Date: Dec 2007
Default Mystic


Technology Level 7
Mana Level: Usually High
Native Power Sources: Magic, Divine, Cosmic

Mystic is superficially the most mundane of the splinters. The papers do not report on spandex-clad vigilantes, television doesn't show flying people rescuing small planes and there are no cellphone videos on the internet taken by witnesses to paranormal phenomena, although in part that is because there are no cellphones and no internet. Technology has been advancing at a comparatively leisurely pace since the dawn of the 20th century.

Mystic does have superheros and supervillains of sorts however, sorcerers, witches, supernatural beings, monster hunters and men and women endowed with mixed blessings and curses with silver linings. They operate in secret, mostly at night and those few who try to go public tend to find the wrath of both forces of darkness and light coming down on their heads while the memory of anything particularly bizarre vanishes from the minds of witnesses.

Superhero teams as such don't really exist due to the low profile everyone likes to keep. Sometimes temporary ad hoc alliances are formed, usually at the urging of the foremost heroic sorcerer, Doctor Strange. Partnerships aren't particularly rare, though, and non-powered monster hunters frequently band together as a response to being substantially outgunned. Dracula for example has a constant team of would-be assassins ineptly stalking his trail.
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infinite worlds, marvel, power sources, supers

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