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Default Re: [DF] A Portal Fantasy within a Dungeon Fantasy: Where's Alice?

Alice's Outfit
$15,000; 2 lbs.

(Anyone pop culture savvy will know what this looks like!) Provides the wearer with DB +2, DR +2 , and +2 to reaction rolls from potential buyers and to Merchant skill rolls made as Influence rolls. This immaculate outfit is protected from ordinary filth and tearing.

What kind of money do her parents make? Nevermind that, we can gloss over those details. The price is kind of irrelevant, but it is there to be there. Never heard of a "Sartorial Integrity" enchantment (if there is, do tell!), but I eyeballed it at about ~$500 value, added up the totals, and rounded it off to get this nice number. DR 2 is about the bare minimum amount of armor protection you'd want in DF, and the added DB makes her defenses more respectable. Buying and selling stuff doesn't really have any importance in Dungeonland though (there are no "Towns" here... not in any sense of the term with these nutty inhabitants). If anyone were to be particularly impressed by fancy duds (perhaps those who would value Savior-Faire (High Society)) then I'd just let it be a generic reaction bonus.
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