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Default NEW to GURPS? Read this FIRST!

If you are new to GURPS, first let me welcome you to what I find to be a fantastic game system. I will be speaking mostly about the 4th Edition here.

You also probably have one question above all others: What do I need to get started with GURPS?

Personally, I would recommend you start with GURPS Lite. This is a FREE PDF that includes all the fundamental rules for play. It also includes a small list of Skills, Advantages and Disadvantages, to allow you to build a character.

You can find the GURPS Lite PDF for free on Warehouse23 or Warehouse23 Shopify Steve Jackson Games' company store site, or, if you prefer, on drivethrurpg.

If after reading through GURPS Lite, you decide you like it, and want to see more; GURPS Basic Set: Characters contains all that you need to make almost any character you can imagine. GURPS Basic Set: Campaign expands on the mechanical rules of the game, adding many options that you can use, or not use, to give your game the appropriate feel you are looking for.

Once you decide if GURPS is right for you, or if you have more questions about the rules before deciding, there are many people here on the GURPS forums who would be more than happy to help with any questions you have.

TL;DR - Start with GURPS Lite, then if you like it move on to the Basic Set. Anything else is optional.
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