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Default Counterspell / Suspend Spell and reductions in Cost or Time due to high skill

M121 mentions similar things:
Roll against the lower of your Counterspell skill or your skill with the spell being countered.

Suspend Spell is cast at the lower of the user’s Suspend Spell skill and his
skill with the spell being suspended.
This makes it clear what you actually roll to see if it works... but does this affect Magic Rituals requirements from M8/M9 ?

Also what is the order of operations between "apply penalties" and "use lesser of two" ?

- - -

For example: if I have Counterspell at skill 20 (half casting time, -2 cost) and want to counter Berserker (M134: 3 energy) placed on an ally and my skill in Berserker is only 9, then I need to roll 9 or less for the Counterspell to work, but what investment is required?

A) two/2 energy (1.5 rounded up) and ten/10 seconds (five seconds doubled for low skill) as if my Counterspell were skill 9 ?
B) 0 energy and three/3 seconds (1.5 rounded up)

Basically I'm not sure if this works like being in Low Mana (reduction which does affect ritual/energy/time) or like a -1/yard range modifier on your roll (doesn't affect it)

- -

Range modifiers are also something I'm wondering about in regards to what you roll too.

For example if my ally is 5 yards away (-5 to skill on regular spells) do I subtract 5 from 20 (effective counterspell skill 15) and then compare that to berserker (cast at 9)? Or do I first use the lower of the two (skill 9) and then apply the -5/yard and need to roll a 4 or less?
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casting cost, casting time, counterspell, magic rituals, suspend spell

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