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Default Re: Ammo Concerns

Originally Posted by Icelander View Post
For most of the chamberings, this is quite true.

I wish it were easier to find out details on specific hunting ammo available between 1987-1995. There have been considerable advances in bullet designs and I need grain weight, velocity, bullet dimensions, enough data to estimate internal ballistics at different velocities, not to mention BC.
I've got a Guns Digest and an edition of Cartridges of the World from somewhere in that timeframe, so I can have a look - if I can find them (I moved house a few months ago and a lot of my books are still 'who knows where?').

For most of the calibres were discussing the bullets haven't changed shape much, and aside from a fashion for very heavy bullets for a while bullet weights haven't changed much either (though for a long time the .270s lacked decent heavy bullets even though the only slightly larger 7mms had plenty).
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