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Default [WWI] Nieuport 27

Biplane of the Month Club: July

Nieuport 27
The last of the V-strut Nieuport designs that began in 1914 with the Type 11, they Type 27 was a direct descendant of the Type 17-bis and Type 24 aircraft. The aircraft rectified problems with the tailplane in the Type 24, and finalized the evolution of the aircraft; the Type 28 was a notably different airframe.
The Type 27 was intended to be used as an advanced trainer; however, it did see some action as an armed scout. In French service, the plane was typically armed with a Vickers machine gun firing through the propeller arc; in British service a Lewis MG was mounted in a Foster mount on the upper wing (allowing for impromptu high-angle fire). The United States also received 287 aircraft. Some aircraft mounted two MGs, but this decreased the plane's performance and was thought to put undue stress on the wing if mounted in a Foster mount. Ultimately, however, the plane was not much of an innovation, and was soon replaced in front line service by the SPAD S.XIII.
The Type 27 burns 4.5 gallons of aviation fuel per hour at routine usage. The plane has a historical range of 155 miles. A full load of fuel and ammo costs $14.

Nieuport Type XXVII
Subassemblies: Recon Fighter chassis +2; Recon Fighter wings with Biplane option +2; 2 fixed wheels +0.
Powertrain: 89-kW HP gasoline engine with 89-kW old prop and 21-gallon standard fuel tank (Fire 14) [Body].
Occ.: 1 XCS Body
Cargo: 8 Body

Armor F RL B T U
Body: 1/2C 1/2C 1/2C 1/2C 1/2C
Wings: 1/2C 1/2C 1/2C 1/2C 1/2C
Wheels: 2/3 2/3 2/3 2/3 2/3

Aircraft LMG/.303 Vickers [Body:F] (500 rounds each).

Size: 20'x27'x8' Payload: 0.21 tons Lwt.: 0.62 tons
Volume: 96 Maint.: 147 hours Cost: $1,840
HT: 7. HPs: 15 Body, 35 each Wing, 3 each Wheel.
aSpeed: 106 aAccel: 4 aDecel: 21 aMR: 10 aSR: 1
Stall Speed: 38 mph. Take-Off Run: 160 yards. Landing Run: 144 yards.
gSpeed: 188 gAccel: 9 gDecel: 10 gMR: 0.5 gSR: 2
Ground Pressure: High. 1/6 Off-Road Speed.

Design Notes:
Historical wing area was 159 sf. The design purchases wings with the High-Agility option to better match wing area (and lower wing weight), but treats them as Biplane wings. MG load out is a guess. Design payload was 387 lbs; the historical value has been substituted. Design aSpeed was 107 mph. Performance calculations were based on historical values for wing area and loaded weight. Loaded weight was increased 1% to the historical. Fuel capacity was based on a rough calculation of the plane's historical range at Cruising speed and design fuel consumption. The French version, the MG is synchronized to fire through the propeller arc, lowering RoF by 10% (see p. W:MP8). Using the calculated gSpeed at 1/6 Off-Road speed (31 mph) gSpeed is still 79% of stall speed, so the plane could therefore potentially get airborne in a bumpy field, at the GM's discretion.

The Type 24 featured a 82-kW engine. It was similar to the Type 23. The United States purchased 121 aircraft, with additional aircraft going to Belgium and Italy. The Type 24-bis reverted to the Type 17 tail unit; 140 used by the United States and additional planes used by France and Britain.
The Type 25 was a redesignation of the Type 24 when it returned to using the tailplane found on the Type 27.
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