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Old 06-15-2021, 04:39 PM   #1
Micah Davis
Join Date: Apr 2020
Default Intolerance's Pricing System is Weird

So, I was thinking up some basic characters and I opened up Intolerance and the prices just seem... really wonky?

So, for example, Intolerance (Men) is -5 Disadvantage but Intolerance (Non-Natives) is -10 Disadvantage, even though it would be a strange country indeed where non-natives made up half or the more powerful share of the population. Or take religion, Intolerance (Christians) in modern America is -5 Points and Intolerance (Non-Christians) is -10 points but Christians make up a (much) larger share of the population.

I think the categories work well for class - Intolerance (Upper Class) applies to a smaller group, but they have all the power in society, and Intolerance (Lower Class) applies to a pretty broad subsection of society even if you have power over them. But it's much worse if you take, say, "Non-Lower Class," easily worth an extra five points if you're picking fight with the middle classes (or with both the bosses and the bottom).

So I kind of think it's a wonky trait, but I'm not quite sure how to fix it - It seems like you'd want to go in and work out some way of assessing both the power/size of the constituency against which you're prejudiced, but the point spread isn't really big enough to do that in any kind of detailed way.
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