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Default This is my Wiki page Iíve been working on. Which tech should I choose for SW?

I was wondering if anyone could help me make a decision on picking a technology for my Star Wars story. I’ve been editing the Wikipedia page “List of hypothetical technologies” for many months now. I’ve worked hard on it but I can’t pick something.

I’m looking for something that

•Would be worth creating

• Wouldn’t be easily created based on existing technology.

•Something that doesn’t already exist in Star Wars Legends or Canon.

Believe it or not, a Dyson sphere actually appeared in Star Wars. It was called Iokath and appeared in The Old Republic MMORPG

You can pick anything on the list EXCEPT “Black hole starship” , “Language learning pill” ,“Artificial super mitochondria” and “Universal snakebite antidote” since I workshopped those ideas and I determined they don’t work. Here’s the list

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Default Re: This is my Wiki page Iíve been working on. Which tech should I choose for SW?

There's not much reason to add some fabulous new technology unless you want it to be an important part of the story, meaning which fabulous new technology you choose is going to very much influence what the story itself is - and as you're the one writing it (or designing the campaign it will take place in), that's very much a decision you should make, based on the story you want to tell.

That said, I liked the idea of the human*/droid hybrid from one of your previous threads. I feel the version I suggested that's actually two entities that have basically grown up fused together would be the most interesting, but I'm biased.

*Or Twi'lek, or Rhodian, or whatever rubber-forehead-alien you opt to go with.
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Default Re: This is my Wiki page Iíve been working on. Which tech should I choose for SW?

It's worth noting that a lot of technology in the old EU (current Legends) is effectively Precursor tech that the Republic and Empire don't know how it works or how to replicate it. In addition to the afore-mentioned Iokath, there's Centerpoint and Sinkhole Stations (the former yanked planets from across the galaxy into the Corell system, and sits at the point of gravity between two planets that orbit it as it orbits Corellia's sun; the latter keeps the Maw, in its EU incarnation as a black hole cluster, from collapsing in on itself), and the Rakata transporters on Belsavis. Not to mention exogalactic tech like the Vong biotechnology.

Just because it exists in the EU doesn't mean they (still) know how it works, after all....
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