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Default Purgill brain?

I’m going to have my scientist study the Purgill brain (the creature that can jump to hyperspace naturally). I need a cool and scientific sounding name for the part of the brain that acts as an organic navicomputer and helps the Purgill calculate their jumps. Any ideas? I’m looking for something a little more creative than say “hyperlobe”
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Default Re: Purgill brain?

There are several parts of the brain with names like foos area after the scientist that figured out what that area did.
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Default Re: Purgill brain?

Brain areas are often named for their shape, as "hippocampus" (seahorse) or "amygdala" (almond, I think). There are also areas named for their discoverers, as dcarson correctly notes.
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Default Re: Purgill brain?

Then there's the straightforward functional naming style, something like "navigational cortex", as well as the positional naming, like "frontal lobe" and the equally bland, but livened up with a dose of learned Latin, "occipital lobe". ("Occiput" is Latin for "back of the head".)

(Liven up the "navigational cortex" with some Latin, perhaps. "Navigo" is too close to English to be interesting, so you might use "inno". I think that verb might turn into "innadum" as an adjective (a "gerundive"), but I have next to no chance of getting Latin grammar right. How many spaceships? This is hyperwarp away from, isn't it, boy?)

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