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Default Re: How can an Ewok take out a Scout Trooper?

Originally Posted by Varyon View Post
I was referring to Rebels, which happened after the buyout and was the series under discussion. Anakin and Obi-Wan cutting droids into pieces is markedly less problematic than people gunning down humans with lethal weapons. Of course, I haven't actually watched either series, so please salt to taste.
Oh, whoops. I was out of context. In retrospect, I should have realized that comment didn't make sense in reference to TCW. But that's pretty much the only Star Wars TV show that readily comes to mind for me.
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Default Re: How can an Ewok take out a Scout Trooper?

Originally Posted by Varyon View Post
Whether this means stormtroopers have minimal or no protection from stun weapons in the new canon,
the characters had some sort of experimental stun weapons that can readily beat stormtrooper stun protection
Regarding option 2: while the wiki article on Ezra's blaster doesn't say anything about it being stronger than other DL-44 models, I forgot that at one point he switched to using this baby:

He used that to just shoot troopers since he was too much of a noob to deflect their blasts back at them.

Vader eventually destroyed it, so if we were looking for footage examples of it's use we'd have at the episodes prior to see it in use. I don't know if it's stun setting was any stronger than the DL-44 though, or just roughly equivalent but easier to port 1 weapon around instead of 2.

I'm mostly interested in the range where we've seen stun shots work, and if maybe when they didn't work, if it might be at loner ranges, in case 1/2 D explains it.
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Default Re: How can an Ewok take out a Scout Trooper?

Originally Posted by Varyon View Post
And you've been waiting for this for *checks original post* 11 years? My hat is off to your patience, sir.

I think the original responses covered most of the ground needed here, it all comes down to what stats you want the armor to have and how you want the Ewoks to have overcome it (ranging from useless cosmetic armor to the Ewoks using captured blasters). My personal inclination would be to have the armor actually be pretty decent, with the Ewoks having to rely on traps and dogpiling (followed by stabbing through the eye lenses). Of course, part of this would be strongly influenced by Jedi: Fallen Order (where higher-ranking storm-troopers have armor that can actually tank a hit or two from a lightsaber) and the like.
I view the Stormtroopers as having combination environ suit plus "flak vest" armor, essentially TL 9 armor with two TLs of improvement, whereas real tactical armor is used by mater bounty hunters, Storm Commandoes, etc. I've only recently regained access to my books so I'll be tinkering with this some more.

I pulled a lot of information from the Essential Guides, but with the new sequels and jettisoning of the EU, I can no longer consider those canonical until I upgrade my sources.
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star wars

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