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Default New List of all promo cards

Type Key
[D] = Door
[T] = Treasure
[Du] = Dungeon
[S] = Seal
[Dx] = Deus Ex (Quest)
[F] = Fairy Dust
[M] = Monster (Treasure Hunt / Quest)
[P] = Promo (marked on back)

[w] =
[ww] =
[j] =
[g] =
[n] = no url
[u] = unique url (ex.
-If cards are identical except url the url keys are separated by a comma indicating more than one card
-If url key includes “+” it has both indicated urls

[Blank] Curse [D][ww]
+10 to Monster [D][ww]
...In a Booster Chair [D][u]
…With Bacon [D][g]
1/3-Breed [D][n] (Sepia)
Angry Bards [D][w]
Assist Your Master [D][g]
Awful Green Thing [D][u]
Bad Carp [D][g]
Billiard Ball of Nonexistence [D][j]
Boa Constructor [D][j]
Book Wyrm [D][w]
Brick-Built [D][j]
Calf Mussel [D][j]
Cash Cow [D][j,g]
Christopher Robin [D][j]
Curse! Angry Dinos! [D][u,g]
Curse! Baby Got Jack [D][g]
Curse! Bring Along a Third Wheel [D][j]
Curse! Cat Nap [D][j,g]
Curse! Diaper Fail [D][g]
Curse! Double Tithe [D][g]
Curse! Dump Stat [D][g]
Curse! In Another Castle [D][g]
Curse! Insatiable Curiosity [D][g]
Curse! Party Out of Bounds [D][j]
Curse! Schooled By Mr. Fanny [D][j]
Curse! Shadowcat [D][j]
Curse! Shattered [D][j]
Curse! Unjustly Accused! [D][j]
Curse! Zombification [D][j]
Cut in Line [D][ww]
Death [D][g]
Double Order [D][u]
Dracolick [D][j,g]
Ear Worm [D][w]
Ear Worm [D][g] (left sign)
Evil Stevie Changes the Rules [D][n] (Sepia)
Ewenicorn [D][j,g]
Faux Party [D][j]
Fearsome Forgemaster [D][g]
Feet Cheat [D][ww,g]
Flat Screen Monitor [D][g,j]
Foot Soldier [D][j,g]
Frankensteins's Mobster [D][j]
Game Mechanic [D][j]
Good Carp [D][g]
Hangdog [D][j]
Henchmonster [D][ww,j,g]
Henchmonster [D][n] (no icon)
Hipster Hireling [D][j,g]
Hireling: Cavalry Captain [D][j]
Hireling: Das Mustache [D][j]
Hobbled Goblin [D][u,g]
Hobbled Goblin [D][g] (no "Goblin" subtext or "kovilac" sign)
Hobbled Goblin [D][g] (no "Goblin" subtext with Kovilac sign)
Hostile Jester [D][j,g]
Jingle Bell Roc [D][g]
Jobs Goblin [D][u]
John Kovalic Draws a Wandering Monster [D][n]
Loewe Rider [D][g]
Man in the Moon [D][j]
Mary Sue [D][g]
Merchant Hireling [D][ww,g]
Mildly Obnoxious Witch [D][g]
Mug the Shopkeeper [D][ww,g]
Mug the Shopkeeper [D][n] (Sepia, Dice icon)
Mystic Correspondence [D][n] (sepia)
Nativity Scene [D][ww]
Natural Ghast [D][j]
Nexus Demon [D][j]
Oil Derek [D][j]
Open the Vault [D][j]
Pegasus Steed [D][ww]
Pegasus Steed [D][n] (Sepia)
Plastic [D][j,g]
Poorly Painted Monster [D][g]
Pub Knight [D][j,g]
Quantum Duck [D][u]
Richard [D][j]
Robin Hoot [D][j]
Rollback [D][ww,n]
Roller Broom Fighting Team [D][g]
Root of All Evil [D][g]
Sand Witch [D][w,g]
Santa's Little Elvis [D][u]
Sir Francis Bacon [D][j]
Sketchy [D][j,g]
Slime Girl [D][j]
Stacked Deck [D][ww,j]
Stacked Deck [D][n] (Sepia)
Step-and-a-Half [D][ww]
Tame [D][j]
Tater Tot [D][g]
The Big Red God Did Not See the Unspeakable Thing You Did to His Slippers [D][j]
The Fisher King [D][g,j]
The Last Laugh [D][ww,j]
The Last Laugh [D][n] (Sepia)
The Wicked Witch of the Midwest [D][g]
Threes [D][g]
Tip [D][j]
Touched By Cthulhu [D][u]
Twisp & Catsby [D][ww]
Ultra Munchkin [D][n] (Sepia)
Unholy cow [D][j]
VIP Anniversary Party [D][j]
Were-House [D][g,j]
Wicked Witch [D][g]
Witch Doctor [D][g]
Witches Three [D][g]
Zombie Hireling [D][j]

FANTASY Treasures
[Blank] GUAL [T][n] (no icon)
...Of Smiting! [T][j,g]
Baby Got Flak [T][g]
Battering Ram [T][ww,j]
Booty Booties [T][g]
Brandy [T][j]
Caster Oil [T][j,g]
Catch Some Z’s [T][j]
Celebrate Munchkin Day! [T][j]
Charita's Mello Cello [T][g]
Charlie Horse [T][g]
Charm a Snake [T][g]
Cheat with Both Hands [T][n](Sepia,Rigged Demo)
Cloak of Anonymity [T][j]
Clockwork Dragon [T][j,g]
Club of Fighting [T][j]
Conan Helps Out [T][ww]
Deodorant Stick [T][j]
Duck Decade [T][g]
Eat A Worm [T][j,g]
Eat Santa's Cookies [T][ww]
Exit, Pursued By a Muskrat [T][j]
Familiar [T][g]
Fast-Tracked [T][g]
Find a Hidden Spellbook [T][g]
Flower Power [T][j]
Get Promoted [T][ww]
Ghost Hands [T][u]
Go Down a Level [T][j]
Go Up a Level [T][ww]
Gopher it! [T][g]
Grin and Tonic [T][j]
Hare Spray [T][j,g]
Houndstooth [T][j,g]
I Beat a MIB! [T][j,g]
Killer Party, Dude [T][j]
Leather Rinse Repeat [T][j]
Lie to Your Own Webcam [T][ww]
Lighter of Smiting [T][ww,g]
Lightning Bolt [T][w]
Loose Cannon [T][j]
Mistakenly Modified Moop! [T][j] (Small art)
Mistakenly Modified Moop! [T][j] (Large Art)
Mourning Star [T][j,g]
Outwit Tio Rico [T][u]
Perfectly Tailored [T][j]
Play a "Go Up a Level" Card [T][ww,g]
Porta-Party [T][j]
Portable Hole [T][n] (Sepia,Rigged Demo)
Potion of Ridiculous Luck [T][g,j]
Punch Bowl [T][g]
Rescue Conan! [T][u]
Rusty Nail [T][u]
Scaler [T][j,g]
Scroll of Secret Door Detection [T][j,g]
Search Party [T][j]
Seasoned Greeplings [T][j](Green)
Seasoned Greeplings [T][ww](Red)
Shop at you Friendly Local Game Store [T][j,g]
Shop at you Friendly Local Game Store [T] [j] with #playmunchkin
Start a Munchkin Legend [T][w]
Step-and-a-Half [T][n] (Sepia,Dice icon)
The Gun [T][u]
The Hair of My Chinny Chin Chin [T][g]
The Luggage [T][ww]
Tower Shield [T][j]
Tower Shield [T] (errata 'no hands')[w]
Unicorn Helmet [T][j,g]
Used Broom [T][g]
Venison Benison [T][u]
Wand of Dousing [T][j]
Water-Resistant [T][j,g]
Wishing Ring [T][j]
Witch 'Wich [T][g]
Witch Slap [T][g]

Fabled Location of Great Significance [Du][g]
Fnordcon [Du][g]
The 2015 Munchkin International TableTop Day Dungeon of Superior Shopping [Oversized Du][j+u]
Warehouse 23 [Du][u]

Candy Heart Dice [P][g+u]

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