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Default Re: GURPS Community Campaign & Adventure Repository

Not my game, exactly, but one I'm playing in:

1752: PCs are members of the king's army, recently pressed, I mean volunteered for duty and shipped off to the northern colonies to suppress natives and French intruders in St. Johns Newfoundland.

Before long, our heroes start running into weird problems: hags, small furry men, a Kraken which attacks both their ship and the French vessel they were currently boarding.

Along the way, they discover they have some strange abilities themselves:

The gunsmith/shootist (me) discovers he is a Quick Gadgeteer and Gunslinger.
One regenerates, one has Snatcher, one is sickeningly lucky and the last is apparently a timelord, complete with Whovian regeneration.

Then we discovered a "tardis" (below decks there is an extra-dimensional section which creates accommodations for crew as needed, tailored to our needs - for example, mine has a forge and shooting range) actually a York ship, which jumped forward to 1808 for one mission involving enemy time-travellers and intelligent, bipedal reptiles, then jumped forward again to 1888 where an entity possessed one of our own to take over for Jack the Ripper while some of us are working on an Analytical Engine for the crown prince.
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