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Default Glamor

The Glamor spell as written is a little vague on some details, so I thought I'd ask here.

Suppose a wizard wants to look like a strong, battleaxe-wielding barbarian. Now, I assume that the wizard's clothing will change to the required leather loincloth or whatnot, but what about other accoutrements? Does his staff look like a battleaxe? Or does he have to find a battleaxe and ditch the staff to complete the ensemble?

Can Glamor make him look like he's carrying any item he wants, even though he's empty-handed?

It's a thrown spell which can only be ended with Remove Thrown Spell or when the wizard wills it away, so you can cast it on allies. More interestingly, you can cast it on anybody. Your blind date turned out to be a terrible, self-centered boor? Let him live the next few weeks (or longer) as an old spinster and see how he likes it. The really attractive prostitutes are too expensive? A glamor spell and a cheap hooker will do the trick, though you'll want to consider the effects of the 10 fatigue cost. And so on.

I tend to think that the clothing should change, because otherwise the spell is too limited. This would apply to armor too. I'm leaning to saying that things carried in hand appear as they really are. I have no principled reasons for these choices. It just feels right.
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