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Default [ooc] the great black hills gold rush

As of now i am closing recruitment as i have enough players however as always this maychange as people sometimes drop out etc.

I am proposing running a Old West game using GURPS 4th edition rules set against the back drop of the 1876 Black Hills Gold Rush. The game will be aimed toward the realistic and grittier ends of the scale (with just a few cinematic elements to aid PC survival).
The Game will start two weeks after the defeat of the 7th Cavalry at the little big horn. The US and the Sioux are still at war and all the gold camps in the Black Hills are still technically illegal settlements in violation of the Laramie treaty. With in these settlemets the only law is what ever the locals can enforce themselves. Hence they can be somewhat interesting places to be.
The campaign will be centred around a fictional camp called Shady Gulch (which is a commercially available product on e23 (though not for GURPS) but i do not recomemend getting it as i have heavily modified it). The campaign will in style resemble the TV series Deadwood and will involve a lot of social possitioning and politics with some gun play. Pure gun fighter type characters may be at a slight disadvantage here.
As this game is rooted in reality there will be no supernatural elements and all technology etc must have been historically available in 1876 America.

Character Generation notes

You will be given a budget of 150cp to spend on your character with a disadvantage limit of -75 including anything with a negative points value.
I would prefere no out and out psycho's lol.
The camapign is TL5 with average wealth being $5000 gurps dollars. Now despite the characters being people who are moving here to make a new life you may only have 20% of your worth available for equipment the rest will go on status specific stuff like a wagon a team to pull it tents and everyday stuff to fill your wagon etc etc etc.
I will allow people to trade points for cash though.

allowed cinematic advantages

Enhanced dodge (capped at level 2)

This list is open to negotiation so long as a NO does not offend lol.

I would hope that the players create characters that have a reason to want to live in the town and to stay and make it a success.

If you need to know anything else please ask

Player list:-
player 1 zoncxs=samuel, a grizzled one ex soldier come gun fighter.
player 2 gnomesofZurich,former dynamite smuggler
player 3 epic kobold(pending character sheet)
player 4 skullcrusher,guide and gun hand
player 5 ulthar, a doctor with a hidden past
battlegrounds:rpg edition. A really useful VTT system. Down load the demo at
battlegrounds home

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