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Default May 26, 2024: The End Of Time?

May 26, 2024: The End Of Time?

Read this article on the Illuminator.
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Alden Loveshade
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Default Re: May 26, 2024: The End Of Time?

I think part of this may come down to:

1) You can't see the forest for the trees

2) Hindsight is 20/20

It's hard to get an overall picture when you're in the midst of something.

A starting point could be something like this:
Pyramid #4/4: Fantasy/Magic II! Add Sparkle To Your GURPS Game.
Top 12 Clues You're a Role-Playing Old-Timer My humorous (I hope) article that also promotes SJGames/GURPS
GURPS Fantasy Folk: Elves My first GURPS supplement
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Default Re: May 26, 2024: The End Of Time?

I graduated high school in 2007, so one of those "Periods" is iconic to me. Perhaps I can help. i

The technology of the "aughts" is distinctive.

Its the age of the "dumb" cell phone. In the 90's my dad carried a pager and wrote down its number to give to us in case of emergency. In the 2010's we got smart phones: if you see a dumb cell phone, you are in the "aughts". You might see a PDA here or there. Also, Laptops are new and exciting.

Speaking of new and exciting, the term "viral" comes from the "Aughts", and it featured people who were actually unknown before and after. Stuff like the Numa-numa and the very first cat videos, the "Friday Song", and some homestar runner stuff.

A lot of our modern tech giants were new and exciting and not consolidated and people wondered how they could possibly be making money. Google's motto was still "Don't be Evil"

Its the Age of the LAN party: multiplayer video games were just coming into being, but you couldn't trust everyone to have a copy, so you got seven friends and two TV screens to play something like Halo, Golden-eye, or Super smash brothers.

Open floorplans are somewhat new and becoming more common (though they showed up earlier)

Music and Dress is not unified: we were actually aware of this at the time. We'd say "the 80's and 70's had their things, what will ours be?" We couldn't tell, and while some things are distinctive, we generally saw a splintering of culture and fads that has never left us.

Software can be Iconic: MS messenger, Myspace, Yahoo, etc.

I hope this helps and gives you a good start.
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Default Re: May 26, 2024: The End Of Time?

I get the same problem with thinking about the past and I think it's a psychological phenomenon to do with ageing. There seems to be a time-compression effect with getting old, as lots of older people have attested. The most meaningful decades are from childhood (which was the 1960s for me) - from there, the years seem to accelerate and contain fewer meaningful experiences as they progress. Of course there are always major events that happen in later years, but lots more of the smaller events are memorable from earlier years, and seem to have a stronger personal and emotional connection.

I don't know whether this phenomenon is about the greater strength of memories from the developing brain compared to the adult brain, or a progressive memory loss as you get older, or a progressive feeling of ennui that 'you've seen it all before', or a sort of barrier that protects you from 'shell-shock' of being continually pummelled by new stuff. Or maybe a combination of all of those?
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