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Default Designing for Novel Weapons

I've done a oa couple months work on a retrotech setting where small groups of mercs in vehicles are a central theme. The TL is a high quality TL6-7 with batteries aat TL10. Fake atomic science replaces real life fusion and fission. Gravity vehicles are used slightly, mostly it's hovercraft, tilt rotor vehicles or wheeled.

For ordinary small arms I applied the rule 'halve damage, add Armor Divisor (2) to everything from pistols to cannons. The result is good AP but low damage. I doubled the range as well. I also have Radium Rays, which are TL9 lasers but have actual ammunition, Range 2 and do corrosion incendiary damage. There are Bolters (heavier plasma guns without an armor divisor) and Radium ramjets (plasma flamers). Warheads are force, plasma, warbler and strobe plus ordinary HEX and shrapnel options.

Armor is TL6-10 depending on cost and is similar to Nanoweave. Rigid plastic armor eith DR42 and laminate with DR66 is available. Vehicle armor can be light (basically 2-3 TL6 vehicles, hardened vs piercing) and heavy (hardened against everything and 2 vs plasma and shaped charges).

I also worked out mass combat stats for all the vehicles, which are loosely based on historical vehicles but processed through aome formulas and setting norms. I dont have a computer or I'd post the stats but I think i covered most things.

Most of this work was done by use of Pyramid articles and a lot of manual number crunching to get the armor and damage ratios working the way I liked, and I am running a second session this week. I'll add that a gatling G beam has an ABSURD amount of knockback.
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