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Default Re: What kinds of firearms would people start making [After the End]?

Originally Posted by phayman53 View Post
The [AtE] line assumes that people would initially stabilize at about TL4 in terms of what kinds of new equipment groups could responsibly produce after a civilization ending catastrophe.
I don't think it says that, but that wanderers in the wasteland can make themselves TL 4 kit without too much trouble. The places which have stabilized and organized a few hundred thousand or million survivors produce goods with a higher TL ... but those patches of stability are not the wasteland any more.

I would expect that most of the new revolvers, bolt-action rifles, etc. in the wasteland are imported from settlements, along with new smokeless-powder cartridges. Whether they would go back to black powder or stick with smokeless is a question which the gun geeks on this forum can answer better than I ... there are places in Pakistan and South-East Asia where craftsmen make modern firearms with files and patience, but they rely on supplies of good steel, and don't make the cartridge cases and propellant themselves.
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