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Archangel Beth
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Default Re: Illusions

Also, part of the fun of mixing IN with other genres is watching people run around and scream when the celestials do impossible things/ignore spell effects. And watching the PCs run around and scream when the mortals throw fireballs at them without disturbing the Symphony.

(So when mixing D&D and IN? I would say that in the absence of a considered argument one way or the other, pick the option that has the most "WHAT TH--? HOW DID--?? WHAT THE I DON'T EVEN! YOU CAN'T DO THAT!" screaming involved, without actually making the entire thing a cakewalk.

And then come back and relate the entertaining screaming for the glee of everyone else! O:D )
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Default Re: Illusions

LOL, yeah, I'll have to keep notes! Thanksgiving weekend disrupted our normal schedule, but I'll probably be able to provide a summary if anything truly strange and wonderful happens!
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