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Default Re: Sling is P/H ?!

Originally Posted by Hannes665 View Post
Any ideas why Sling gets a P/H treatment? As I understand it Sling is not that hard skill to use, okay not the easiest weapon to aim precisely BUT should Acc of the weapon not represent that?
No, Acc should not reflect that, because the sling is hard to learn to use.

In my youth, I indulged in SCA and D&D, so I actually tried to acquire Bow and Sling skills. I became mediocre on the bow after diligent work, but the sling was bloody near impossible. Guns I picked up in boot camp, and while I never became an expert in their use, I could hit a target somewhat.

So I say that progression of the sling as a Hard skill, the bow as an Average skill, and the Gun as an Easy skill passes the Reality Check test.
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sling, slings

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