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Old 03-06-2023, 09:34 PM   #11
Axly Suregrip
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Default Re: Talent/Spell of the Week: Shield Expertise

Glad to see a new post from you Shostak.

I like Shield Expertise. It creates a new path for fighters. It Classic TFT it was basically two paths: get stronger or quicker. "Progression to 2 handed weapons" was a thing. That makes no sense. Now a third path for fighters: get skilled.

Locked into a path? That sounds a bit like life. Some people puts years into a deep skill. David does have a good point that the thief skills are better broken up to be specific but it really will depend on how it is implemented.

Should Shield Expertise increase the damage inflicted by a spike shield?
> No. This talent is a bargain as it is and damage from a shield is a secondary benefit at best.

Would Shield Expertise be improved if the penalty to attacks made against a
Shield Expertís front hexes were based on the DX penalty imposed by the shield instead of a flat rate regardless of shield size?
> No. This would be a huge increase to the effectiveness of this talent. From my experience in the SCA, as a fighter's skill with shields increase often they worked their way to smaller shields. I like the DX -1 across and Damage -1 this talent currently gives regardless of shield size.

Is the IQ10 prerequisite realistic or desirable?
> I like IQ10 for it. A good balance. I like that it comes a point earlier than Weapon Expertise (IQ11). It is also a nice skill for one the smart utility type of characters to pick up. For example, the naturalist or physicker. Give him armor & skills to keep protect him from damage. That DX -1 to getting hit seems to hurt even more when you defend, so perfect for these guys.

Do you think Shield Expertise has contributed to fewer characters using two-handed weapons?
> I doubt it. We have several players that like 2 handed polearms. Now big two handed weapons that are not polearms (Great Hammer, Battleaxe, etc) I have see less of since Legacy but it has not been because of Shield Expertise. Some take Shield Expertise, but it not something they all have.

Do you have a house rules adjustments to Shield Expertise?
> no.

BTW, with regards to the shield rush bonus, as mentioned by others shield rush action is almost never taken. Now with Shield Expertise, I actually had a player give it a try. So, this talent promotes some additional tactics.

Shield rush has always been a nice choice against someone weaker than you AND in heavy armor. Get them on the ground! But the mechanics of it makes it nearly impossible to be worth a try. At least with this talent its may have some more use.
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