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Default Re: Homegrown fantasy setting in classical Greece

Originally Posted by Lord Carnifex
I think your scaled-down Heros area perfect idea. Not every Greek Hero was Earth-shattering, many of them just fought monsters, founded cities, and generated conflict. A Hero is defined by what he does, not who he is, and all that...
If you read the Iliad it seems that about 90% of the warriors were descended from some god or another. And it was common in classical Greece as well. Plato's family were supposedly descended from Poseidon, for instance.

Originally Posted by Lord Carnifex
And there are a few non-combat heroic characters lurking in the periphery of the Greek myths: a philosopher who cannot die would be perfect ...snip... only to be smitten down for accidentally comparing himself to the 'deathless Gods'.
Nah, they'd be more likely to turn him into an immortal cricket or something. Where's the fun in just killing him.

The Titans...I can't see them doing much if they're holed up in Tarterus - they almost have to escape. Perhaps that's what started the whole "return of the gods" things. They can flee north of Greece proper, to Thrace or Macedon, which would fit nicely with the idea that Macedon begins to move - they adopt the Titans as their own and use them to fight the Greek gods.

That's another take on the Macedon - Greece conflict, although that belongs to a later part of history, really.
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